Lutterloh Patterns, National Park. K likes. The Lutterloh Pattern Making system is the perfect solution for today’s busy sewer. Feel free to save this image to your computer so you can print it out as Take another look at your Lutterloh patterns and I hope you too will. Welcome to your best source for free Lutterloh tips and system Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive! The Lutterloh pattern needed some work.

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This pattern suggests a patterms fabric and I really don’t think you could get away with such a close fit in a woven fabric. Posted by Ann in Calif. Hand me my 3 pound weights!

Sew Bambi Sew: FREE Lutterloh Pattern books!!!!!!!

My Lutterloh kit arrived yesterday and the only thing making me nervous is getting the seam allowances in the right places. Thanks for a great vree – it is very very helpful.

November 8, at 9: I will try at home to see if I get different better? Of course the fabulous fit of your dress will shine through making this an excellent choice for that “little black dress”.

Maybe my next version should be a darker one so I can wear it to work at the chocolate. I just cautioned the parents of my recipient of the lack of government standards for these pajamas and figured they can decide their suitability. If you want to help just make the front pattern.


Some are on the side bar. The sewcial already took place a few years ago. Button plackets and zippers will also need to be stabilized. I added my usual half inch to the bodice pieces and then an extra two inches to the bottom. The arrow in the photo below points to where there is lutteroh number missing.

The orange bands are a poly blend with a chunky ribbing texture. My husband even said it turned out better than he’d expected. I used the tips in this article to hem the bottom with no wavy edges: The red arrow points to where you should fold the pattern by the suggested amount. I considered the over jacket but what fabric would ever do this fabric justice? Some of the old books have this symbol. Every printer has it’s own way to set the size.

I displayed the altered pattern fronts against a colored paper so you can see where additional paper will need to be added to your pattern.

November 9, at 9: We could see if anyone wants us to organize a new one.

Oh and the binding at the edge was a little fussy too but that was just a matter of getting the measurements right. I’d like to take that vest pattern and glitz it up. I’ve drawn the pattern and taken a photo. October 30, at 8: I plan to make up the Lutterloh vest and sew it up to fit when my sewing room is finished.


Happy sewing everyone, Ann in Calif. Those sleeves don’t offer much protection from the cold! I had planned lutteloh join your dree when it is finished so I can make a blouse to go under it. Some patterns can be reduced to accommodate fabrics with a greater degree of stretch but much more ease needs to be removed resulting in more complicated pattern alterations.

If yours doesn’t don’t let that stop you from taking a top pattern and extending the length or if you need just a top how about cutting the pattern off at or below hip level.


February 1, at 4: Is there a forum here for asking general questions about the Lutterloh patterns? It made all the difference in fitting a pair of pants. This has been very helpful. Make sure to set aside some time for yourself. Tuesday, October 20, Making the most of your Lutterloh patterns.