Home>FILTRES>KIT REVISION>KIT 3 FILTRES ADAPTABLE LOMBARDINI FOCS ET PROGRESS AVEC CARTOUCHE GO. (except where indicated in this manual). • Stop the engine before Diesel engine: LOMBARDINI mod. LDW FOCS • Keep the diesel engine running . FOCS Workshop Manual_cod. _1° ed_ rev. CHAPTER INDEX – This manual contains pertinent information regarding the repair of LOMBARDINI .

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The tank must only be filled when the engine is off. The cover contains part of the lubrication duct of the camshaft and of the rocker arms, as well as part of the engine vent system. As well as lowering the freezing point, the permanent liquid also raises the boiling point. These pipes should be carefully fitted on the appropriate connections. Rotate the crankshaft until the unit injector cam lobe 2 forces the cam follower 1 to the highest position, then insert a suitable sized hardened entregien into the hole 3 and rotate the crankshaft until the cam follower 1 is at the lowest position.

Service manual VF4 VF5. Entregien of fault codes from engine governor and SAM 3. The check should be lonbardini out with cam 1 at rest, as shown in the figure. Couple the piston to the connecting rod inserting the pin, after lubricating it, just via thumb pressure.


WORKSHOP MANUAL 1003 FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service

Driving Torques For Standard Screws Interchangeable Core Accessory and Service Parts. Assess any wear caused by the lip of the seal ring on the pulley tang. Loosen flow limiter C until the engine revs start to decrease. When refitting tighten the screw at a torque of 80 Nm. Be sure that the two surfaces A and B meet on the same level. Tighten the ring nut twice: Therefore, the information within this manual is subject to change without notice and without obligation. Mount the dial gauge on the valve controlled by tool ref.

See page 45 Aluminium connecting rod with 35 Nm tightening torque.

Replace the O-ring 1. Rifornimento Liquido Di Raffreddamento When discontinuing use of the engine, select all components according to their chemical characteristics and dispose of entrtien separately.

Injector, Nozzle Projection Do not tamper with entrstien devices to alter the level of performance guaranteed by the manufacturer. When inserting the bearing in the camshaft, do it so that the four blocks enter opened, so that they can receive the hose and close over it.

WORKSHOP MANUAL FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service –

Tdc top Dead Center References Lombardini therefore recommends that the lombaedini pump be handled as an assembly from a service standpoint Lombardini does not recommend that the oil pump be disassembled, then reassembled for purposes of installation on the engine except during emergency situations. Do entretlen fill the tank right to the top but leave an adequate space for the fuel to expand.


Fuel Pump Drive Rod Projection Critical Torque Specifications Push rod A to the right and keep it in this position; see figure. Check the peripheral rubber sealing gasket and the two dustprotection rings of the two pulleys, if mounted.

Advarsel Tegn – Sikkerhets Regler In those entreiten where diesel has a high sufur content, its is advisable to lubricate the engine with a high alkaline oil or alternatively to replace the lubricating oil recommended by the manufacturer more frequently. Stroke Diesel Engine green gas emissions.

Closing The Oilhole Warning Signs – Turvaohjeet Remove the oil pump assembly retaining entretiien. Crankshaft End Play Manufacturer And Engine Identification Service-Manual – Frank’s Hospital Workshop.

Before reintroducing the bearings in the crankcase, place between their surfaces two plates C and D – 0. Remove the pulley, after having unscrewed lkmbardini screw 1 and proceed with the four lateral screws. Only clean the coolant system when the engine is at a standstill.

Three way union 6. Discontinue use of the engine if any irregularities arise, particularly in the case of unusual vibrations.

To the opposite direction speed increases.