GRUHASHOBHA DIWALI ANK Paperback – Be the first to Lokmat Deepotsav The much celebrated Diwali Annual. Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. Diwali Ank (दिवाळी अंक) is a traditional Marathi language Diwali magazine. Lokmat Diwali Ank – लोकमत दिवाळी अंक; Loksatta Diwali Ank i m editor of marathi diwali ank “Shabd Darwal” (10th year) from. Diwali is one of the largest and brightest festivals in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of good over evil. We are pleased to bring before you the.

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Darda said, “When the thought of achieving the figure of 1 lakh was put up before colleagues, they said that it was impossible.

Home Cities Pune From spicy news to sweet recipes, Diwali magazines offer a treat to readers this year. Not quite a walk in the park. Emphasising from the reach point of the view for advertisers, Mr Dwivedi added, “The advertisers and the media buying agencies recognise the kind of evolved relationship we have with our readers lomat Maharashtra and beyond.

TV and film personality, Ekta Kapoor will be interviewed for the special issue. These anks always come out just at the start of Diwali and are sold out within days, Shewale added. There will also be success stories of farm widows, Kashmiri half widows, etc.

From spicy news to sweet recipes, Diwali magazines offer a treat to readers this year

Abhik Santara is head of office, Ogilvy Mumbai. Pulse Candy attempts brand story in seconders Advertising. Karare takes on Kurkure with ‘tedha-seedha’ play Advertising. Pradeep Dwivedi “Digital media is a large driver of change. Magazines like Sanskriti have a feature on obituaries of well-known personalities by their children while Sahitya Suchi has interviewed famous interviewers like Avdhoot Gupte, Sudhir Gadgil and Karan Thapar.


By Devesh Guptaafaqs! Media titles from Sakal now available to a global Marathi speaking diaspora through this unique tie-up.

Piyush Pandey’s iconic ads over the years This is a new addition to Sakal’s Diwali Ank. Lokmat Media unveils new look for its Marathi newspaper, Lokmat. There’s also a special story on the making of the award-winning movie, Gandhi, to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s th birth anniversary.

The theme of the magazine revolves around ‘Tools for Tomorrow’. The magazine has earlier been edited by Shobha De, Gulzar and others.

Last year, the most expensive ones were sold siwali Rs An extended part of Agrowon, the world’s first agricultural daily. Hindi GEC hits have dried up The hard work paid off and now we get the pre-publication subscription of more than 1 lakh copies.

Running successfully for over three-and-half decades, this year’s theme explores travel to learn, and itincludes experiences of people from various age groups. Priced at Rsthe magazine has pages and is edited by Aparna Velankar. The Diwali edition will celebrate stories of farmers, who have successfully established farm practices to overcome issues of farm labourers.

Sakal Media Group, Amazon get into exclusive partnership for festive season – TVNews4u | DailyHunt

That is why I call this day historic. But my resolve was firm and I persisted. This partnership on our offerings further widens our reach and opens up doors to promote products and brands in wider geographies. Out of Stock Reviews: Thursday, November 19, marathi diwali ank ,diwali ank ,lokprabha diwali ank ,diwali ank online,free diwali ank marathi,lokmat diwali ank ,diwali ank online,maayboli diwali ank,free marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank free download,marathi diwali ank free download pdf,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank awaaz,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank pdf,marathi diwali ank free download pdf,marathi diwali ank online,awaz diwali ank marathi download,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank awaaz,marathi diwali ank ,marathi diwali ank pdf.


The magazine touches upon political news and experiences of the popular leaders. Is LinkedIn becoming the new Facebook? Sakal produces 19 Diwali Issues across Maharashtra, which includes six main products in addition to 13 products edition wise.

Speaking on the occasion, Vijay Darda, chairman and editor-in-chief, Lokmat Media, called it a historic day. Leading Marathi publishers have brought out Diwali Ank for over a century and Sakal has been an important leader of this tradition.

IBN LOKMAT News 28 Oct 2013 grihaswamini marathi diwali ank – eknath laxman bhovad

The key attraction is a survey analysing voters for This is a magazine targeted towards women and has been successful for the past 12 years.

Sakarnama is the most 213 Marathi political web portal and its first ever print version is in the form of Diwali Ank. Lokmat Media recently released the 11th edition of its Diwali special magazine titled ‘Deepotsav’ at a formal ceremony at Ravindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai.

Big Magic unveils new logo as part of brand revamp Media Publishing. These are some of the most popular issues.

This a leading thought-product in Diwali Ank. Karare takes on Kurkure with ‘tedha-seedha’ play.