2 quotes from Llaila Afrika: ‘Contemporary medical technology is not an advancement in medicine- it indicates the failure of Caucasian medical science and is a. So, for the first installment of our book of the month, we recommend reading: Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By Dr. llaila Afrika. The Power and Science of Melanin book explains the negative and positive effects it can have on children. It describes the biochemical differences between.

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llailx Definitely a topic that should be discussed more and this book is a great place to start the conversation. Every person of color should own this book. Higher Melanin content makes for certain attributes biologically, physiologically, cognitively etc.

Gives clarity to the importance of melanin in the body. As with most reading, further reading is not only encouraged but a must. Darker skinned people have Selenium in their Melanin. Melanin is found in 3 forms: I would classify this as study text.

It can get repetitive but I believe that was intentional in order to introduce facts to the beginner reader. Jimmy Smith rated it really liked it Sep 07, Jun 09, F.


The speed of child development varies as per Melanin content, therefore expectation from a child should be differentas the growth of nerves controlling the bladder for example is much faster. I would’ve given the book 5 stars but I would’ve liked to see more scientific information explained in layman’s terms.

Christopher Weston rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Knowing the power melanin possesses is knowing life!!!

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika

Refresh and try again. Melanin is melainn bio chemical key to lifeit causes conversion reactions -metabolism of carbohydrates efficiently. Overall all African Americans should read this book.

Study of Melanin is the key to understanding life on planet Earth. Must know knowledge Really interesting read and easy read.

Llaila Afrika Quotes (Author of Melanin)

The Science did not get me lost and I felt it was a great overall introduction to Melanin. Every living thing has melanin. Biochemically there is a difference in the milk produced by a mother based on Melanin content in her body.

It gives you a basic understanding of what is melanin and how it benefits llaaila. Great read Every black person should take time out and read this book.


He Does it Again!!!!! Jeshua rated it liked it Aug 06, Everyone over age 10,definitely to ppl wither Melanin content. Melanin has memory that cannon be destroyed, thats why amputees experience phantom pain.

Jewlz Tagara rated it liked it Jun 15, Too truly afruka peace within yourself there is afroka spiritual journey that must take place. Want to Read saving…. Melanin is produced by Pineal gland located in the geometric centre of the brain.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Now on to more research and discovering who We are as a Whole.

Porsha rated it it was amazing Oct 17, More Melanin in the body indicates better regulation of the the body temperature. Simple put, melanin is the natural chemical that makes Black peoples skin Black.

Spiritually it answers the question about the destructive principle of leprosy.