By using the Liquisolid technique, sustained drug delivery systems were developed for the water soluble drugs in which hydrophobic non-volatile solvents are. Abstract. Liquisolid technique is also known as powder solution technology. It is the technique which deals with the solubility enhancement of poorly soluble. Acta Pharm. Mar;57(1) Liquisolid technique as a tool for enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs and evaluation of their physicochemical.

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Liquisolid technique is novel and efficient approach for solubility enhancement.

The Liquisolid technique: an overview

Release rates of many poorly water soluble drugs get increased by using liquisolid system. Ratio between the quantities of carrier Q and coating materials q present in the formulation. Interdependence of physiological surfactant and drug particle size on the dissolution behavior of water insoluble liquisoljd.

In this technique, the drug is dissolved in an organic solvent followed by soaking of the solution by a high surface area carrier techniuqe as silica. International Journal of Pharmaceutical science. Since dissolution of a non-polar drug is often the rate limiting step in gastrointestinal absorption, better bioavailability of an orally administered water-insoluble drug is achieved when the drug is already in solution, thereby techniaue enhanced dissolution rates.

Initially the liquid is absorbed in the interior of the particles captured by its internal structure and after saturation of this process adsorption of the liquid onto the internal and external surfaces of the porous carrier particles occurs Rania et al.


By adding PVP to liquid medication, it would be possible to produce dry powder formulations containing liquid with a high concentration of drug. It is carried out by preparing saturated solution of drug in different solvents.

Exhibits enhanced in-vitro drug release as compared to commercial counterparts, including soft gelatin capsule preparations. Low R tehnique should justifiably display relatively poor dissolution profiles.

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The results also showed that wet granulation had a marked impact on reducing dissolution release rate of propranolol HCl from liquisolid formulations Javadzadeh et al. The active pharmaceutical ingredient in a solid dosage form must undergo dissolution before it is available for absorption from the gastro intestinal tract. In order for a drug to be absorbed into the systemic circulation following oral administration, the drug must be dissolved in the gastric fluids.


In order to ensure the suitability of the selected excipients, Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy, Differential scanning Calorimetry, X-ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscope studies are to be performed. For the determination of angle of slide, an approximately weighed amount of coating material was placed at one end of a metal plate with a polished surface. A large surface area and high absorptive properties of the coating material gives the Liquisolid system the particular flow properties described Martin et al.

These free flowing powders are subjected to compression for tablet or filled in capsules. The results showed that aging had no significant effect on dissolution profiles of liquisolid tablets. Due to this the liquid layer gets converted in the solid layer and this gives the dry, non adherent, free flowing powder particles.

Importance of carrier and coating material ratio R: Increase in the wetting properties of liquisolid tablets by the dissolution media is one of the main reasons for the dissolution rate enhancement. Liquisolid preparations may be hampered by their poor and erratic flow and compaction properties.

Solubility is major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry with the developments of new pharmaceutical products. Dissolution tests for liquisolid tablets were done at constant rotational speed and in identical dissolution media, thus allowing estimation of the thickness of the stagnant diffusion layer h.

Liquisolid system dissolution rate profiles are affected by powder excipients ratio R in which results exhibited within the 5 minutes of the dissolution process against the r values 5 to 20 range R values.


The effect of type and concentration of vehicles on the dissolution rate of a poorly soluble drug indomethacin from liquisolid compacts. Liquisolid tablets demonstrated significantly faster drug dissolution patterns in small volumes of dissolution media such as mL and mL Studies by Javadzadeh Y.

By using the Liquisolid technique, sustained drug delivery systems were developed for the water soluble drugs in which hydrophobic non-volatile solvents are used as vehicles.


It is the technique which deals with the solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs. In a study on hydrocortisone liquisolid tablets, Technkque et al. Depending upon internal structure of solid drugs, selection of proper form of drug is with greater solubility is important. Therefore, this is due to their significantly increased wetting properties and increased surface area of drug available for dissolution.

The end is gradually raised till the plate becomes angular to the horizontal at which powder is about to slide. This solution is shaken with shaker for specific period of time than it is filtered and analyzed under UV spectrophotometer.

During this study many researchers observed that if there is low drug concentration in liquid formulation then there is rapid drug release from the formulation. It is calculated by the following formula. Each spectrum is derived from single average scans collected in the region – cm -1 at spectral resolution of 2cm -2 and ratio against background interfereogram. To evaluate any interaction between indomethacin and the other components in liquisolid formulations, X-ray powder diffraction XPD and differential scanning calorimetry DSC were used.

Enhancement of prednisolone dissolution properties using liquisolid compacts. After complete formulation liquisolid tablets also get evaluated for wt. Optimized sustained release, liquisolid tablets or capsules of water insoluble drugs demonstrate constant dissolution rates zero order release. Krishna sanka et al.

For assessment of wettability, contact angle of liquisolid tablets is measured according to the imaging method. The compressibility index has been proposed as an indirect measure of bulk density, size and shape, surface area, moisture content and cohesiveness of material because all of these ca influence the compressibility index.


If In vitro release rates for liquisolid tablets are higher than the absorption rate will also be higher which enhances drug bioavailability. Powdered liquid drug Powdered drug solutions. In this step suitable carrier material with other excipients are added into initial mixture of drug and non volatile solvent.