Maldoror ; and, Poems / [by] Comte de Lautreamont ; translated [from the French] comte de, ; French poetry.; Poetry in French, – English. Maldoror and the Complete Works of the Comte de Lautréamont [Comte de Flowers of Evil: A Selection (New Directions Paperbook) (English and French. Maldoror and Poems (Penguin Classics) [Lautreamont, Paul Knight] on The Flowers of Evil (Oxford World’s Classics) (English and French Edition). Total price .

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Les Chants de Maldoror by comte de Lautréamont – Free Ebook

Although obscure at the time of its initial publication, Maldoror was rediscovered and championed by the Surrealist artists during enblish early twentieth century. A fierce and poisonous bit of stuff. In a work reminiscent of the sort of wonderfully mindless and meandering crap that you’d expect from a trench-coated, emotionally or sexually insecure teen, the titular Maldoror, shark-fucker and god-hater extraordinaire, weaves his black and demonic way through a pastiche of abominations.

The book’s central character is Maldoror, a figure of evil who is sometimes directly involved in a chapter’s events, or else revealed to be watching at a distance.

The first is the ignorance in which men find themselves at birth.

The below quote in particular is relevant: Do not wake yet, I beg you. At worst we females gain insight to the male mind. Views Read Edit View history. He does, however, identify with outcasts, with lahtreamont [with whom he claims to have made a pact to ruin families] and hermaphrodites.

Maldoror = Les Chants de Maldoror, together with a translation of Lautréamont’s Poésies

I appreciate his youth and honesty in retelling all this. My dearest wish had been granted, I no longer belonged to mankind.


I am riddled with lice. The world of mostly male Literature experts applaud wildly and buys every copy printed. Cover of the first French edition. It might be a somewhat laurteamont and unprofessional thing to maldorro, but I am certain that the writing process was exhilarating, and it could not have been so had it amldoror been “burdened” by its classic form, since Ducasse – as he expresses – “writes for himself,” and the work, in all its vitality, sprouted from the author and his perceived epitomes of poetic beauty; he wrote like a fanboy, allegedly for himself, yet always in regard to an imaginary reader, stern and conservative, laregely so as to heal his lonely, troubled mind.

For a great many years he concealed his character as best he could; but in the end, because this effort was not natural to him, each day the blood would rush to his head maldkror, unable any malxoror to bear such a life, he hurled himself resolutely into a career of evil … sweet atmosphere! Was it a kind of reward? I was assigned to read two short excerpts of this for class, and instead of getting through it with the minimum pieces of flair, I read the whole thing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Besides, from the spectacle of your fecund breasts emerges the notion of ingratitude, for one thinks immediately of those innumerable parents ungrateful enough towards the Creator to abandon the fruit of their sorry unions.

How feeb If you have been following my reviews for any length of time you will be aware that there are many things of which I am lautresmont. It is kind of funny sometimes, though, like when the narrator has sex with a shark. It is obvious from the start that there is no actual hate present in his expression. However as the work progresses, certain common themes emerge among the episodes.


Mixed in with rebellion against man and God, I can see why this may suit those of a younger audience, mixed with engllish feelings.

For unless he is able to bring to his reading a rigorous maldorpr and a spiritual tension equal at least to his distrust, the deadly emanations of this book will imbibe his soul as sugar absorbs water. This astonishes me…I believed I was something more.

You maintain that my ideas are at least singular. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Algunas opiniones sobre esta obra lautreamnot acumula millares de tesis, estudios, ensayos, plagios e influencias: Would you then claim that because I had insulted as if making light of them mankind, the Creator, and myself in my explicable hyperboles, my mission were complete?

Indeed, it is said in the text that evil thoughts exist in all men. The Surrealist Movement was born! Well wasn’t that a ride, boys and girls? This notion however is a superficial comprehension, prompted no doubt by Breton’s initial emphasis on automatic writing as the lautremont route toward a higher reality.