[Audio Transcription](?v=wjaIq3fuJg8) [Written Transcription](). Another interview was also held in secret, that took place later between Ole K. and “Lacerta” within the same home in Sweden on April 23rd. Interview Edit. Lacerta was allegedly interviewed in and then again in , while in Sweden, by a man living in an rural area. In The Lacerta Files she.

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But why, you might ask, are there 4 cylinders?

The identification of my species with the powers of darkness was a primary intention of the Illojim, who liked seeing themselves in the role of the powers of light —something which in and of itself represents a paradox, since that humanoid species was extremely sensitive to your sunlight. They originate from Earth. Some observed UFOs — as you call them — belong to us, but most not.


In the example here the ship glides above all on its genuine field drive. We are acquainted with theory and practice. Before that time, there was a more religious iinterview of our creation. If we are for some hours in the shadow, our temperature goes back to 30 to interviw degrees.

Actually, the seven stars are planets and moons and they are a symbol for our former seven colonies in the solar system.

The Lacerta Files – Brother Veritus’ Website

In return, I can offer only respective acceptance and a calm spirit. Can you kill with those abilities? Have you a tail like normal reptiles? You have to be clear about some fundamental facts.


To the north of the column, there is an additional, very large but very flat round building. I will laceerta how you react, how others of your kind react. When they returned, they brought your now more human ancestors back. It has been years since this interview.

By touching the backside of her species body, a hard bony line can be found.


This means not that it was not done in previous times. A defect could ostensibly not be found anywhere. Your kind is ignorant. Audio Transcription Written Transcription Summary: Our lips are shaped like yours those of females a little bit larger than those of males but of a pale brown colour and our teeth are very white and strong and lacrta little bit longer and sharper than your soft mammal teeth.

Whenever a ship with one of those interivew of drives gets into a field fluctuation or into an eddy that is too strong, then for a short time the repelling ,acerta can no longer align itself correctly and the ship glides uncontrolled on its flight path.

At first, they caught around 10, or maybe even 20, of your simian ancestors and they left the planet for some hundred years.

Since the surface is flat, it is obviously not a genuine ship. This is lacfrta my spine but a very difficult shaped external plate-structure of skin and tissue following exactly our spine from the head to the hip.


They are a different race, not human. Why would there be “mountains of evidence” if the government would like to keep this under the rug?

I want to be put in contact with someone who has genuine information or can put me in contact with the person who interviewd lacerta. This they burn, and thereby obtain the spice; for the trees which bear the frankincense are guarded by winged serpents, small in size, and of various colours, whereof vast numbers hang about every tree.


I believe the experiments with DMT are proof we are one consciousness and can tap into a Universal knowledge to gain truth. This conception is really very primitive. Our civilization is in danger. During the next 20 million years this species was divided by nature into 27 sub-species unfortunately, former reptilian species were prone to divide themselves in a more or less illogical way into sub-species during the evolution process. I know I am a human but I do know there is higher beings than me.

We can’t travel to other planets and our mechanical devices are crude and polluting but we can do one thing they can’t and that is to feel love and empathy.