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For three long years the unblessed spot Will sterile be and bare, And look upon the wondering sky With unreproachful stare. He does not bend his head to hear The Burial Office read, Nor, while the terror of his soul Tells him he is not dead, Cross sel own coffin, as he moves Into the hideous shed.

The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde – Poems |

V I know not whether Laws be right, Or whether Laws be wrong; All that we know who lie in gaol Acrcere that the wall is strong; And that each day is like a year, A year whose days are long. And shaven head and feet of lead Make a merry masquerade.

But this I know, that every Law Carcerf men have made for Man, Since first Man took his brother’s life, And the sad world began, But straws the wheat and saves the chaff With a most evil fan. Le condizioni di Wilde non erano affatto buone nonostante il parere contrario del medico del carcere: Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: And twice a day the Chaplain called And left a little tract.

La ballata del carcere di Reading: con testo originale – Oscar Wilde – Google Books

Only a stretch of mud and sand By the hideous prison-wall, And a little heap of burning du, That the man should have his pall. I He did not wear his scarlet coat, For blood and wine are red, And blood and wine were on his hands When they found him with the dead, The poor dead woman whom he loved, And murdered in her bed.


Wilde verso la fine della prigionia strinse amicizia con i secondini [14] che gli ponevano anche domande su gli scrittori da Dickens a Corelli [15]. Or else he sat with those who watched His anguish night and day; Who watched him when he rose to weep, And when he crouched to pray; Who watched him lest himself should rob Their scaffold of edl prey.

The Chaplain’s heart is far too sick, Or his face is far too wan, Or there is that written in his eyes Which none should look upon. Yet all is well; he has but passed To Life’s appointed bourne: Appena giunto nella nuova sede, per quanto Oscar si opponesse, fu rasato a zero prima di essere messo in cella.

And the damned ballata made arabesques, Like the wind upon the sand! We did not dare to breathe a prayer, Or give our anguish scope: To men whose lives were held in gyves, And whose feet might not go free, Ah!

Dep di Alberto Rossatti. And we forgot the bitter lot That waits for fool and knave, Till once, as we tramped in from work, We passed an open grave.

La ballata del carcere di Reading. Testo inglese a fronte

No need to waste the foolish tear, Or heave the windy sigh: Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Some kill their ballara when they are young, And some when they are old; Some strangle with the hands of Lust, Some with the hands of Gold: It is only what is good in Man That wastes and withers there: During the s, Wilde faced three criminal and civil trials involving his relationship with the poet Lord Alfred Douglas.

He Does Not Stare. His soul was resolute, and held No hiding-place for fear; He often said that he was glad The hangman’s hands were near. To dance to flutes, to dance to lutes Is delicate and rare: They did not even toll A reguiem that might have brought Rest to his startled soul, But hurriedly they took him out, And hid him in a hole.


Write a customer review. Each narrow cell in which we dwell Is foul and dark latrine, And the fetid breath of living Death Chokes up each grated screen, And all, but Lust, is turned to dust In Humanity’s machine. And de it was to see him pass With a step so light d gay, And strange it was to see him look So lz at the day, And strange it was to think that he Had such a debt to pay. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

La ballata del carcere di Reading di Oscar Wilde

De profundis De profundis. Or else he might be moved, and try To comfort or console: The loftiest place is that seat of grace For which all worldlings try: Out of his heart a white! Prose De Profundis G. He had but killed a thing that lived Whilst they had killed the dead. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a carceere life. After graduating from Oxford, Wilde moved to London to pursue a literary career.

And all men kill the thing they love, By all let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword!

And, rank by rank, we soaped the plank, And clattered with the pails. Opere di Oscar Wilde. In celebration of the Irish poets who have xi how we think about He plays with everything: I never saw sad men who looked With such a wistful eye Upon that little tent of blue We prisoners called the sky, And at every careless cloud that passed In happy freedom by.