Posts about Karmic Palmistry written by Pirate Palmist. Karmic Palmistry. Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: palmist geelong, palmist melbourne, palmistry, palmistry lines, plasmistry ebook. According to Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma, a book by Jon Saint-Germain, the presence of the letter M on your.

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Our hands reflect our moods and thoughts.

Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates and Karma – Jon Saint-Germain – Google Books

The Life Line 1 The life line is the line that wraps around the thumb and ends at the wrist. Length of Individual Fingers The relative length of each individual finger can tell about the person’s emotional quirks. A shallow life line means that the life energies are weak, and the person tends to be tired a lot. Over time, through habitual mannerisms and gestures, our unique personalities are recorded on our hands.

My system is simple and easy to remember. Mirror Boxes Candle Services. It indicates extreme emotional sensitivity and empathy. Is the right hand significantly different from the left?

Links for purchasing these books are at the bottom of this page. Another point which also should be kept in mind is that a women, palmistrry, has more intuitive powers than a man.


The difference In both hand show weather you have improved or spoilt your Karma. Consequently, they don’t always mean what they say.

Suzuki marked palistry as to-read Aug 25, People tend to take readings very seriously, and often will act on what you say. The Air Hand Recognizable by its square palm and long fingers, the air hand denotes a person with a quick, agile mind Palmlstry 1. A long little finger the finger of Mercury denotes someone with a natural fluency with words–a born salesperson. This person prefers a direct approach to life and tends to see things in terms of black and white.

As we’ll see in chapter 6, marriage lines 12 pxlmistry like children lines in that they do not necessarily show how many marriages you will have, but the number of soul mates you will encounter during your life. This also indicates a healthy enjoyment of physical love.

Himy name is Isi Keller, author of isikeller. This can be observed by studying your own hand closely. However, if you can get a feel pa,mistry how the person thinks and for some of his or her emotional strategies, and you know a lot about human behavior patterns, you can make a few good, shrewd guesses about the person’s future. Lascivious means lustful and wanton.

The Water Hand A water hand has a rectangular palm, is very soft and flexible, and has many fine lines and long, smoothly tapered fingers Figure 1.

Palmistry Palm Lines

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I could easily understand it through diagrams. These people are capable of great, loving sacrifice in the service of others. There was a problem saving your details. This alone will tell you a lot about the personality of the individual. If the active hand or working hand has bad lines that means you have spoiled your future with your wrong decisions.


Lists with This Book. A little intuition and clairvoyant ability helps too. The few lines reflect a preference for simplicity. This line is found in few hands only.

Hand Line – Decode Your Karmic Debt in Lines of Hand

Its main image is that of nine It’s important to remember that the lines change as your attitudes change, not vice versa. This is kagmic as the Girdle of Venus 7which can indicate extreme sensitivity, or as pa,mistry believe, circulatory problems. Those new to palmistry will find that Runic Palmistry provides a complete and detailed system for accurate readings.

The fire hand is usually hot to the touch. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: