Two Talks on the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro) Ogyen Trinley Dorje, is the head of the year old Karma Kagyu Lineage and guide to. The Tibetan term Ngöndro refers to the preliminary, preparatory or foundational . Practitioners later go on to practice the Karma Kagyu ngöndro and in some cases one of the Nyingma ngöndro practices. There is also a. Karma Kagyu or Kamtsang Kagyu is probably the 2nd largest and certainly the most widely This is followed by ngöndro and vipassanā. During the traditional.

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The lineage has long-standing monasteries in Tibet, China, Russia, Mongolia, India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and current centers in magyu least 62 countries. The spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu is the Gyalwa Karmapaand the 2nd through the 10th Karmapas were the principal spiritual advisors to successive Emperors of China.

It is nglndro by the Karmapaa reincarnate lama tulku. Followers believe that the Karmapa’s appearance as the first historical consciously reincarnate teacher was predicted by Gautama Buddha in the Samadhiraja Sutra.

Ngöndro – Wikipedia

The central teaching of the Karma Kagyu is the doctrine of Mahamudraalso known as the “Great Seal”. This doctrine focuses on four principal stages of karmaa practice the Four Yogas of Mahamudra:.

It is through these four stages of development that the practitioner is said to attain the perfect realization of mahamudra. Mahamudra is practiced both independently and as the completion stage of Vajrayana practice. Within the Karma Kagyu, meditative practice is almost invariably presented in a progressive manner. During the traditional three-year retreatakgyu usually focus their practice on the Six Yogas of Naropa.


NGÖ NDRO [ Prayer ] Karma Kagyu Ngondro The Chariot Traversing The Noble Path

The supreme lama of the Karma Kagyu is the Karmapawho always presides as lineage holder once he has reached his majority and received all the necessary training and dharma transmissions.

From the death of one Karmapa until the next takes his seat kabyu lineage holder, one or more of the previous Karmapa’s principal disciples kaygu the lineage. Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa left the lineage in the hands of four eminent lamas: There is controversy over who is nggondro 17th Karmapa, with two major candidates both having been recognized and enthroned by their supporters.

Neither candidate has been enthroned at Rumtek Monastery. The direct master-disciple transmission of the lineage holders of the Karma Kagyu is known as the Golden Rosary of Kagyu Fathers.

Because of the Karmapa controversythe identities kqgyu the next lineage holders have not been definitively identified. In all likelihood, they are either:.

Karma Kagyu

At the next level of precedence, all Kagyu Lamas who have been accorded the title Rinpoche Lit: Those who hold the Khenpo degree have completed the equivalent of a doctorate in Buddhist studies. There are both currently and historically many female Kagyu Lamas.


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Karma Kagyu – Wikipedia

Generation stage Completion stage Phowa Tantric techniques: Kriyayoga Charyayoga Yogatantra Anuttarayogatantra Twofold division: Karmz Tantras Outer Tantras Thought forms and visualisation: Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya.

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Pursuit Buddhahood Bodhisattva Kalachakra. Katma Generation stage Completion stage Phowa Tantric techniques: Ordination and transmission Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya.