Sri: Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama: Kaisika Puranam. Kaisika Puranam in Telugu. Uploaded by winode_sv The Commentary of this great historical event was graced by Swami Parasara Bhattar. It is translated . that I could help him in bringing out an English version of Kaisika promptly sent me a valuable publication in Tamil —Kaisika .. chapter of Varaha Puranam.

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I have given him a promise and I have to fulfil it. Madam, Thanks for writing in and for the kind words. Just before midnight, to the beating of drums emerged a huge demon like figure.

The Story of Kaisika Puranam

December 11, On the way, Lord Nambi in the guise of an old man stopped Nampaduvan and asked him where he was going.

This extraordinary promise moved the Rakshasha and he let him go. Please Email the Editor. Printable version Jan 1, 2: Before people realised what he was doing he would return home.

Gopi, an amateur artiste working as a Junior Assistant at Sastra University in Thanjavur, played the powerful role of the Brahmma Rakshasha with ease.

Sir, All accommodations have been booked three months in advance. It is the eighteenth promise that finally moves the demon. Notify me of new posts via email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Posted by PRabhu S at She matched Gopi scene for scene and was especially impressive in the portrayal of the Sathya Sankalpam- the 18promises of Nambaduvan, where she captured the imagination of the audience with a pleasing display.

Through these promises, narrated beautifully in the Kaisika Puranam as part of this lengthy discussion between Nampaduvan and Brahma Rakshasa, one comes to know of the basic values in life. Thanks in advance, SrinivAsan. I’m so jealous of you The Kaisika Puranam is also a perfect case study on the values of life and how it is important to keep one’s promise at any cost, including one’s own life. Related Topics Theatre Faith hinduism.


Tradition revisited

Also, the Araiyar, through this Abhinayam, brought out an important historical information relating to the Thiru Kurungudi temple – that of Lord Shiva being alongside Kurungudi Nambi. Nampaduvan, the compassionate, acceded and the Brahmarakshas got release from its terrible body. One night, as he was making his way to the temple, a Brahmma Rakshasha stopped him and wanted him for dinner. Nambaduvan showcases the way to live.

He was happy to find his prey.

You are commenting using your WordPress. As he performed this Abhinayam, one could visualize the beautiful Thirumeni of Lord Nambi, part by part. At Thirukurungudi, it is enacted as a drama every year on Kaisika Ekadasi night. As usual, he left with his veena when he was accosted by a Brahmarakshasa named Somasharma who was totally famished. He rather directed Nambaduvan to share puranm fruits of the entire songs that he had thus far sung in jaisika of Lord Nambi.

Equally commendable was the performance of Dr. Presenting the Kaisika Natakam in a lot more temples could go a long way in re-instilling, in us, the sense of values that Nambaduvan showcased to the world several centuries ago. Nampaduvan makes 18 promises that night to the Rakshasa.

Nambaduvan rejected this offer, as fulfilling the promise was more important to him than his own life. He followed it up with the Abhinayam of the Thiruvoi Mozhi Paasuram:.

Thank you for the wonderful summary and commentary. Is there any arrangement for dvAdashI pAraNai? While the entire portrayal of the Brahmma Rakshasha was exemplary, it was the last scene- where he pleads with Nambaduvan to relieve him from the curse of his previous birth and to help attain moksham- that brought tears to the eyes of the devotees and received non stop applause and appreciation, one that continued long after the Kaisika Natakam ended Gopi has now specialized in the role of Brahmma Rakshasha with this being the 10th year of his performance at the Thiru Kurungudi temple.


Temple, Travel and Sport: Kaisika Puranam in Thirukurungudi

Congrats on puraanm initiative at Thiru Kurungudi and also for taking it other Divya Desams. This site uses cookies. And I will become a sinner who will never get Moksham from this cycle of births. Araiyar Sevai was followed by the recital of the Kaisika Puranam.

On seeing Nambaduvan, the Rakshasha wondered as to how he could come back, despite being under the threat of being consumed. Pudanam all the way from Thanjavur to present this dance drama every year on Kaisika Ekadasi night.

Clock had ticked to am, but it was not time to leave yet.

By now, the Rakshasha had changed his mind. After having spent the entire night possibly for the last time in front of Kurungkudi Nambi, he made his way back puraam the Rakshasha as promised.

For the next three hours, the devotees of Lord Nambi were treated to a pleasing and passionate presentation of the Kaisika Puranam. Also, the Araiyar, through this Abhinayam, brought out an important historical information relating to the temple – that of Lord Siva being alongside Lord Nambi. Kaisika Natakam and Araiyar Sevai were witnessed by hundreds of devotees at the Tirukurungudi temple.