Hey Jordan! Just a quick question if you wouldn’t,ind answering, I’m working. Many people might not like his playing but Jordan Rudess is a classically trained pianist and synthesizer enthusiast at the same time. Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar, Jordan Rudess is best known as the keyboard player for the CHECK OUT THE JR CONSERVATORY .

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Also is there a bennifit to using beta blockers conservatoory reduce anxiety? I usually stretching before playing piano but sometimes get ache after practice I’m looking forward to hearing from you there!

Jordan,what is the best way to finger the 2 octave Bbmi pentatonic scale? Rudess is not only talented, he can also ruddss things really well. Is there any advice you could give on a positive mindset to have to encourage a good performance.

Jordan Rudess launches Online Music Conservatory using interactive technology | Wizdom Music

Pay with rudese PayPal account. I’m sure you could find all the same information elsewhere, and you could become a master of your instrument just by listening and practicing, maybe with the help of a theory book. In the Harmony section, there are many exercises that will improve your internal ear-to-instrument connection. Well when I read about it said that it was an “online conservatory” based on video lessons.

It would be great to be able to sit down and work with every person individually but my recording and touring schedule would make that jordah challenging! You actually brought up my concern, that this would be 50 bucks spent on something that I can get from other people teaching on Youtube.


For many years, I was asked by people around the world for personal lessons. I have an instructional DVD around somewhere back when he still had long hair and I learned a lot just by watching it.

Jordan Rudess Online Conservatory Updated With Astonishing Content!

Our new UI lets you rudesz the OC, browse lesson materials, and watch exercise videos not only from your desktop and laptop computers, but also from your tablet and mobile devices. They cover everything from analog synthesis, to guitar soloing, to extreme drumming and beyond. Send me anything from questions on technique and warm-up exercises, to requesting a critique of your band’s performance.

Rhythmic exercises will teach you not only the basics, but also how to feel odd meters in your whole body! If you try it, tell us about it! Enjoy the Online Conservatory!! Read More Announcing Keyfest !

Do some Ear Training using my special technique. Entrepreneur and systems expert, Dani Koesterich, led the international design team in creating a state-of-the-art interactive learning gudess. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I was wondering about your Snarling Pig sound. We are dedicated to expanding the OC in the future, and are excited to have all of you along for the ride!! Rhythmic exercises will teach you consrvatory only the basics, but also how to feel odd meters in your whole body!


What I meant to conesrvatory was that sometimes I waste time on the internet when I should be practicing On that note Get comfortable with independence from exercises designed to keep you creative while focusing on complete separation.

Jordan Rudess – Official Website

View the Media Kit. Might be better to just pick up his DVD instead if it comes up cheap on Ebay. Also see our newly added etudes. I am trying to map it out in the Kronos, but that is a tough one.

I’m very excited about your solo tour. I’m looking forward ruudess hearing from you there! I practised using the great course content of this website, and ended up with this recording. They cover everything from analog synthesis, to guitar soloing, to extreme drumming and beyond.

Ask Jordan

As a musician, you need to understand that although you are just moving your fingers on the keys to make sound, it is really your whole physical being that goes into the music! It was a very benificial journey, and worth more than the ticket sales and promotional fees that are slugged for such worthy events. The legacy established throughout their virtuosic career of astounding aesthetic alchemy has made their very moniker synonymous with the power of talent, ability and momentum when brilliantly forged together.