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Welcome to a small world around me and a simple life of mine in full colours. Together we share the beauty of the world.

Sharing since ’04 on fotopages, full blogger on ‘ The Frog Teacher Awards Camno leh terlepas ni. Walaubagaimanapun masih ada masa lagi nak calonkan ni. In English la tapi. Tak sempat nak translate. The winners of each category will be given exclusive prizes and their stories will be published on the Frog Channels. Capitalised words which are not defined herein shall have the same meaning as prescribed in the Frog Acceptable Use Agreement. The Participants can nominate the Nominee by filling up a nomination form available on the campaign site www.

Commencing from 16 May – 16 Juneplease visit www. Click on the “Nominate” tab; 3. Click on the Awards category button that you want to nominate a Nominee for; 4. Fill up the Nomination Form with the information required. Any photos or screenshots required will need to be uploaded to a Google Drive document. Copy and paste the link of that Google document into the Nomination Form. To submit a video file, please upload the video to YouTube, then copy and paste the YouTube link into the Nomination Form.


FrogAsia shall be entitled to reject or refuse participation by the Participant for reasons, including without limitation where the Nomination Form is not complete or any provisions in the Terms and Conditions is not fulfilled or adhered to by the Participant.

The 3 types of materials that a Participant needs to submit in order to nominate the Nominee for shortlisting under this award category are as follows: Tan uses Google Docs for her lesson activities.

Judging Criteria and Judging Process: The judges’ decision shall be final and no appeals or disputes will be entertained. Awarded to the Nominee who has championed and supported the use of Frog for co-curricular activities.

The 2 types of materials that a Participant needs to submit in order to nominate the Nominee for. Her students have to compile their information into a Frog Site that includes various. Students then have to project the Site on the class wall and present. A 2 to 3 minute video mp4, flv, avi of how this Nominee has inspired you and give an example of an.

Panduan Solat Sunat TAUBAT

Students are asked to break into groups and. Tan gives her feedback on their. Awarded to the teacher who has shown the best application of the Google Chromebook with Frog that.

A 2 to 3 minute video mp4, flv, avi of how this teacher has been an active user of the Frog VLE and also. Awarded to Nominees to recognise their initiative and dedication to education in Malaysia based on. A 2 to 3 minute video mp4, flv, avi of why applicant think this Nominee deserves to pyasa given a.


Special Merit Award e. Each category shall have only one 1.

Winners will be announced by For avoidance of doubt, the Special Merit Award Winners which shall have no limitation as. No discussion, correspondence, enquiry, appeal. All Awards prizes are given and accepted on an ‘as is’ basis and entirely at the risk of the. FrogAsia makes no warranty, whether express or implied, as to the condition or state.

FrogAsia does not guarantee the availability of any of the prizes thereof and if any prizes. All prizes are strictly not transferable, assignable, exchangeable or redeemable by. Acceptance of the prize shall constitute a release and discharge of FrogAsia.

Sunag shall not be held liable for i any delay in. The Awards shall in all respects be governed by the laws of Malaysia and by entering the. Awards, Participants and Nominees submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, FrogAsia reserves the right to.

In the event of such cancellation.

Bulan Islam Untuk Puasa Sunat – calendarios HD

FrogAsia shall not accept any responsibility for Nomination Form and its attached. FrogAsia shall not be responsible for technical errors in telecommunications networks. Kongsi ke Twitter Kongsi ke Facebook. Catatan Terbaru Catatan Lama Laman utama. Sukacita pekeliling berkenaan pakaian dan tatacara pemakaian telah dik Selesai juga kursus mama ni.