ITR – V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY B1 COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX RETURN B2 B3 B4 B5 Received with thanks. (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, Date of Birth/ Formation ( A8) Name of Premises/ Building/ Village (A14) Aadhaar Number (12 digit)/ Aadhaar Enrolment Acknowledgement of ) ยท Direct Taxes Code ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF A 7 If showing loss, mark the negative sign in bracket at left. SEAL, DATE AND.

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Do not fold this signed ITR-V. The outstanding tax demand can be paid online as below: I have checked ITR-V received or not.

No refund was due for the AY Sir are you talking about returns for FY or AY for which last date is 31 st Aug ? I know I am late in this matter but can somebody please help me of how should I go ahead and find what was the discrepancy. If yes, please help me in filing a new one.

Can you please help on my ITR status. So the due date for filing return for AY was 31 Jul it So you have received the SMS.

You cannot courier the ITR-V. Pl let us know her status and refund may be sent at the earliest.


Extension of time limit for submitting ITR-V for AY 2013-14 and AY 2014-15

And how to file ITR when you do not have any income? Or is the ITR closed completion of assesment once demand is paid online. Hi, My revised return is processed but original is showing as Successfully e-verfied.

I do not understand what is going on there. Any one has idea, how long it normally takes to process ITR. Do i need to wait for more days for it to get processed or i can raise a trouble ticket for this issue? Can I do it even after filing itr v? You shall receive acknowledgmeent notice from the department with acknowlledgement amount of demand outstanding and reason for the same.

All you acknoweldgement to do is, wait for your ITR to get processed. Where can I inform that I applied for the wrong assessment year? So can you please tell me what should I do now.?

ITR-V Acknowledgement Assessment Year | Income Tax Forms

As you filed your return online these intimations will be received through email to the Email address provided in filing income tax returns online. Hi Kirti, Very good and informative post!!! You may check your Return verification status here.

Kirti, thanks a lot for clarifying. Revised return has been processed. Request experts to please help and confirm on the above scenarios. Also how can I find and contact jurisdictional AO so that I can process my application. Whether the self assesment amount will be automatically considered?


After e-filing ITR: ITR-V,Reciept Status,Intimation u/s (1)

Below are the details. Hello, Can you please help on my ITR status. Have nt received the refund amount yet. You also receive it as an acknowledgement email from the Income Tax Department in your inbox, after you file your return electronically.

Should I contact someone. The purpose of the RTI is to receive relevant information held and on record and not accuse the functioning of the system. After due date 4 and still it says that the end date for filing this ITR is over wherein I heard that they had extended the till I have filed my ITR by 5th july.


I had leave my job with some personal acknowledgemenfi worked from APR JUN for which i got form 16 and i have submitted the E filing on-line by. You may find different options like income tax, surcharge, Education cess, Interest, Penalty and Others. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can raise it on social media. The status now is ITR received.

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