Download Islamic Calendars (), Hijri Calendar (). This is printable Islamic Calendar. Jamadi ul Awwal, Jamadi us Sani CALENDAR HIJRI CHRISTIAN ERA IQRA IS A VOICE OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH. The Islamic, Muslim, or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar .. month. , , 5 . , , 5.

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Edward SachauLondon: The Quranic verse reads as follows: Safar 18 Tu: Know that intercalation nasi is an addition to disbelief. Ramadan 18 Th: Ramadan 4 Th: Conversions may be made by using the Tabular Islamic calendaror, for greatest accuracy isla,ic day in 15, yearsvia the Jewish calendar.

Islamic calendar –

uslamic Anyway, it was officially announced that Friday [18th Dec] is the first day of Muharram. The Hajj is performed on the eighth, ninth and the tenth of this month.

Djumada l-Ula 23 Sa: Such years occur once every 33 or 34 Islamic years 32 or 33 civil years. By convention, months of 30 days and 4133 days succeed each other, adding up over two successive months to 59 full days. Muharram 12 Mo: The information provided by the calendar in any country does not extend beyond the current month.


Dhu l-Hidjdja 27 Su: Safar 22 Sa: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dhu l-Kada 27 Th: Rabi al-Awwal 2 We: In the West, dates in this era are islamif denoted AH Latin: When it goes above twelve, subtract twelve and add one to the year AH.

Rabi al-Awwal 18 Fr: Astronomy in the medieval Islamic world. Rabi al-Awwal 14 Mo: Safar 15 Sa: Rabi al-Awwal 13 Su: Dhu l-Hidjdja 5 Sa: This interpretation is supported by Arab historians and lexicographers, like Ibn HishamIbn Manzurand the corpus of Qur’anic exegesis.

Rabi al-Akhir 27 Su: Muharram 11 Su: Djumada l-Akhira 13 Fr: This article needs additional citations for verification. May 1 Su: Shaban 8 Calnedar Shaban 4 Mo: Rabi al-Awwal 6 Su: Determining the most likely day that the hilal could be observed was a motivation for Muslim interest in astronomy, which put Islam in the forefront of that science for many centuries.


Islamic calendar

At least some of these South Arabian calendars followed the lunisolar system. September 1 Th: People are allowed to defend themselves if attacked.

Such a sighting has to be made by one or more trustworthy men testifying before a committee of Muslim leaders. Dhu l-Hidjdja 16 We: Horology History of timekeeping devices Main types astrarium atomic quantum hourglass marine sundial sundial markup schema watch mechanical stopwatch water-based Cuckoo clock Digital ielamic Grandfather clock.