Here’s how you can place an image in the background of your Urdu words written in Inpage; Start Inpage and write something in Urdu; Next. Online Urdu Editor – Find free Urdu typing keyboard and text editor for writing; typing online. Free inpage software for typing online. InPage is software for Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Pashto languages. Note that duplicate treats the selected objects as a group and while duplicating calculates .

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Now is the time for you to attach your USB dongel. By default a text box is assumed to be of single column. One end of the dongel gets attached to the parallel port of your machine. While printing you should ensure that ‘Send Truetype as Type 1’ has been set on in the Advanced Option dialog. In the displayed dialog, enter the Run Around values in all the four directions.

Enter number of lines at top of paragraph after which the selected paragraphs can break across columns and frames. Now Click on Ok button. These text boxes may be on the same or on different pages. You can apply borders before and after a paragraph much like See Also and Note paragraphs in this manual.

The ensuing Options dialog varies from printer driver to printer driver. When you click on master M button the original page is disable and master page is opened. During Creation, if you move the mouse horizontally then the box is made with Line Direction set to Horizontal.


nots Insert Table by using the Table menu item in the Insert menu. And these handles resize the Title Text box only horizontally. Type in the equation in the Equation Editor. Go to Master Page mode by clicking on the Master Page button.

InPage Interview Questions & Answers

Select this Delinking Tool: Now open the file menu and click on Export command. To key in Urdu text follow these steps- Go to the bottom right of your program window and ensure that the language displayed is Urdu. The amount by which the text flows away can be specified by specifying the Run Around amount.

This picture can now be formatted like the pictures created using picture tool. Open Keyboard Preferences dialog box. If you choose option then all master page inpagw on the page range will be hidden.

Click on Format menu and then select Table Layout. If you want to insert the row or column before the selected cells then check the before Check box otherwise select the After check box.

Keeping the mouse pressed, you can rotate the selected objects and let go off the mouse the moment you have achieved the required rotation. With this resize cursor, press the mouse and drag while keeping the mouse pressed. You can do so by checking the Don’t Print check box in the Format Object dialog. Sometimes there is a need to mark one or more object as Don’t Print so as to prevent the object or objects from being printed out. For this purpose first we select the column and then apply on selected cloum.


The Text Editing Mode ijpage identified by a blinking cursor in a text box.

Now launch Corel Draw. In facing pages, two pages are displayed at a time, with both pages displayed side by side.

What Is Hyphenation In Inpage? If you now click on the object, it will be selected and you ill see highlighted selection points on the object.

Now select the complete text using the selection rectangle and choose Combine menu item from the Arrange menu. Thus you can see how a particular text box is linked in krdu text chain.

The amount by which the text flows can be specified by clicking this button. If you want to match occurrence of the specified text in different case then check Match Case option.

Now enter Urdu text in column no. Duplicate option is used to create duplicate object form selected object. One such uru is Microsoft’s Equation Editor.

InPage – Wikipedia

Copy on the other hand copies the selected objects to the clipboard without deleting the objects. In appearing dialog box select row or column which you want to insert.

This is particularly useful for Text box framed with a border. Create a style sheet by choosing the Style sheet menu item from the Format menu nipage clicking on the New button in the ensuing Style sheet dialog. The following procedure is used for creating custom style sheet. Retrieved from ” https: