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Jessica and Jonathan realise that others, normal people, knew about them and are stalking them. The midnight kids are just irresistible. Dal a oggi, la storia del mito violaIl calcio ha il sangue blu This leads to more mysteries and unravels a past that was hidden up until now.

L’ora segreta. I diari della mezzanotte.

I really started to like Melissa. Rex acquista una vista speciale, Melissa legge nel pensiero, Dess forgia armi mortali, e Jonathan sa volare.

Westerfeld, al contrario, sa di cosa parla e lo fa bene. But now, the powers are just too tame, the story just kinda slugs along, and the characters’ dramas aren’t engaging enough. I thought this book was a fantastic read and would recommend it to people who liked the first book in the trilogy.

L’ora segreta. I diari della mezzanotte. : Westerfeld, Scott :

I really like Scott Westerfeld, so I definitely think it’s just me. But her attitude still needs adjusting.


Refresh and try again. I think I’m most curious as to what’s going to happen with Rex.

Math is badass and you know it. Se l’hanno rapita consegnandola ad un mostro ed hanno anche avuto il coraggio di rifarlo, allora cosa dovrebbe spaventarli? I liked getting to know more about each of the characters here. Overall, this one felt j it dragged more than the last one. I vampiri della metropoli. And Dess is always, always cool. I finally got around to checking it out again.

I read both of the books in a span of 48 hours. Her mind works in such weird, unique ways. It was exciting and thoroughly unique. I protagonisti erano rifugiati o It wasn’t too fast, though. Mezzanottr me also add that these are not the only mysteries that the kids are going to face!

I love it when the second book is better than the first. I’m glad Westerfield dealt with that issue, because it was starting to bug me. Each of them is a bright and inimitable personality that you trust and feel compassionate for – all expect for maybe Jessica While I still don’t really like Melissa, I do feel like she has the worst end of the powers and therefore, I do feel sorry for her. As the Westerfed deal with this, the young teenagers have to deal with their normal teen emotions and negotiate issues of love and identity as they come to terms with their feelings for westerveld other.


Paperbackpages. In the mean time, Dess discovers Madeline, the only Midnighter from her generation still in existence. Lo apprezzo molto come personaggio, anche se non posso classificarlo tra i miei preferiti. Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld. I like that Westerfield does not feel compelled to make all his characters chummy or likable. Melissa — Se prima mi era indifferente, ora rientra anche lei tra i miei personaggi preferiti. It’d be nice to see a different pov.

But anyway, it just my second time reading his series. Really a gripping read, I can’t wait to get the next one! This was just okay to me. But the ending really came together, and the peril was high.

Weserfeld I did start to really dislike mindcaster Melissa, and I wasn’t all that fond of seer Rex, either. One of the undoubted pros of the book to me are the main characters!