This manual contains a compendium of useful formulae, programming, and In addition to helpful instructions on units conversion, directory. The HPC combines powerful numerical computation with a The HPC Reference Manual gives specific information about com- mands and how the. A collection of tools for uploading a HP 28C ROM image very quickly compared to other methods. Necessary Disassembles 81A instructions. By Paul Dale.

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EXE command line utility. This calls the Settings dialog. With the “Copy Data” button you can copy all selected lines inside the list box to the clipboard. And finally I want to thank all the unnamed authors for publishing material about this calculators. You have the same restrictions like with the commands “Load object A suitable HPB printer simulation can be found here.

Both restart variants purge the stack content! General, Disassembler and Sound.

Is the content a complex number object, the number will be saved as “Complex Number” object, in all other cases as “String” object. Click the refresh button “V” after modifying it to manuaal the list box or use the ” This recalls the measuring routine and save the result in the speed variable.

The assembler code debugger of the emulator. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat The command line syntax is ” Emu28 [file] “. In difference you can choose the stack level for the transfer in the DDE item field. This is a simple disassembler. Always On Top When this option is checked, the emulator windows will always be the topmost one. For further details read the KML 2. The KML script define buttons with an area where mouse input is active.


HPC Reference Manual by Hewlett-Packard | LibraryThing

KML scripts in fact define the visual aspect of Emu28, the behavior of the buttons, of the keyboard, On the right was a typical scientific keyboard layout. Archived from the original on This restores a previous saved emulator status without request. Check that the path in the “Emu28 Directory” text area is correct. Command Line The command line syntax is ” Emu28 [file] “. If you are interested in writing new scripts, get the KML 2. On the real calculator the speed depends on various settings like component tolerances, actual temperature, humidity and other variables.

The manial, copyright and license message The support of the old sound implementation by a ROM patch maybe removed in later versions of the emulator and remaining beep patches will corrupt the ROM with an illegal opcode then. If the clipboard content is representing a real number, the number will be saved as “Real Number” object.

Dropping HP objects over the emulator window will also load objects. Alternatively you may execute a Reset Calculator. The KML script language support a large variety of commands to implement this feature. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November CS1 French-language sources fr. You need ROM images. The parameter sets the filename for the emulation data independent from the “LastDocument” setting. If you quit the emulator without a given filename, you’re asked for choosing a KML script at next startup.

The device name is somehow cut since Window Vista, but the method of reading the device name is used for backwards compatibility to older versions of the Operating System. Automatically Save Files When this option is checked, the current state file will automatically saved when you change to another state file, but not when you close the emulator program.


In some cases you need to press more than one key on the emulator. Save the current object in stack level 1 as HP28C binary object to disk. Single Instance When this option is checked, the program is only allowed to run in a single instance.

HP-28 series

msnual You can load HP28C binary objects to stack level 1. You’re asked for a new KML script where you can select the calculator type and skin to emulate. Be sure that the emulator isn’t busy before doing this. A single release of a hold virtual key isn’t possible.

Show Menu When this option is checked, the menu bar is enabled. In this section you can the define the IPv4 address and the port the printer simulator is listening. The decimal point radix mark of “Real Numbers” in the clipboard is equal to the calculator setting. Show Load Object Warning When this option is checked, you’ll get a warning message box when you try to load an object to stack level 1 over the Load Object Volume The output volume can be selected with the Volume slider relative to the Master Np28c control.

Show Title When this option is checked, the window title bar is visible. Installation To install Emu28, just unzip the emulator and the required emulator skins into an empty directory.