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These parts are used either to convey design information to the Compiler, Simulator, and PackagerXL, or to make the schematic more concisely represent the design. Cadence contained in this document are attributed to Cadence with the appropriate symbol.

1992_Harris_Product_Selection_Guide 1992 Harris Product Selection Guide

Various package types and vendors can be entered into the. You can include package types with identical pin mapping in one entry.

Typographical conventions This list describes the syntax conventions used for tools used in the Design Synchronization process. You have to consider text and component size when using this approach. When intermediate objects are read, the tools read whatever intermediate objects they need from the original library, and, if the objects are not in the original library, from the TMP library. The Verilog wrapper file should be named verilog.


C Datasheet catalog

The module instantiates the original Verilog model, with explicit port mapping to the ports declared in the Verilog model. Datasheeg VHDL wrapper file should be named vhdl. Three primitive entries whose name begin with 74LS00 cause three physical parts to be created for the logical part 74LS HDL Direct gives a warning if different ports of an entity are wired together in your schematics.

Examples of Verilog Wrappers.

74HCT4016 Datasheet PDF

The following figure shows a physical part table with two properties specified. These files are fixed in both name and extension, or contain a variable portion controlled by the tools for example, multisheet schematics. If more than one property is specified, all properties must match the values as specified in the table before the part entry is selected. You also use it to check the width of the parent signal.

Relative paths are relative to the location of the file in which they occur, not to the directory where the tool was invoked.

This chapter covers the library structure and the method to access the components of the technology independent libraries. January jct4016 Product Version This would ensure accurate and current information.

Error-Handling If any problem is found with the name of library or the path passed to hlibsim, it exits immediately, stating the problem.


Clock, Set, Reset and Enable pins. This data is used to make sure all outputs on a net have the same output type.

Sample Physical Part Table. Two signals are synonymed when the signal names are each connected to a pin of the SYNONYM symbol, or when the signal names are connected to the same pin of any symbol. If the two do not match, an error is generated. These placeholders provide locations to annotate properties when placing parts in Concept-HDL in the physical mode. Using versions 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 is not advisable if you are using a tool that assumes that pins are on the grid.

Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Then hlibftb reports the result in the ftb. The symbol has 5 ports declared on it.

Short Cut 74HC ,74HCD,74HC/HCT Quad Bilateral Switches

The module ports should be taken from the verilog. The cells for which Verilog simulation fails. This option cannot be used with the -file option. The line numbers on the left are not actually part of the file.