Gregory of Tours (30 November c. – 17 November ) was a Gallo-Roman historian and He is the primary contemporary source for Merovingian history. His most notable work was his Decem Libri Historiarum (Ten Books of Histories), . Gregory of Tours|Georgius Florentius Gregorius, better known to posterity as Gregory, Bishop of Tours, was born about to a highly distinguished. Clovis, Gregory of Tours, and Pro-Merovingian Propaganda. Yitzhak Hen. In the second book of the Libri Historiarum, Gregory of Tours introduces Clovis, his.

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The priest put holy oil on his head and ” the demon went down into his finger-nail; seeing this the priest poured oil on the finger and soon the skin burst, blood flowed from the place, and the demon thus took his departure. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. This was at once revealed to bishop Bricius in a vision, and he said to his people: Best known for his book Histories often called the History of the FranksGregory left us detailed accounts of his own times as well as those of the early Merovingian kings, known as the “long-haired kings,” who united the Franks and took control of most of Gaul in the late fifth and early sixth century.

Heraclius, tribune of the Jovinians, and nearly all the officers were slain, when night and the lurking places of the woods offered a safe escape to a few. Gregory tells for example of the prodigies of the year Toward this arm the Hebrews hastened through the wilderness, and they came to the sea itself and encamped, finding fresh water. If a custom long established is kept, a man shall have his tomb by God’s command in the city in which he was ordained. Account Options Sign in.

Thus far Jerome; from this period the priest Orosius wrote at greater length. The various kingdoms of the nations. Aftermath of Chilperics Death and the Revolt. The events which it relates are details of the perishing of the Roman Empire and the beginning of a great modern state and for these events it is often the sole authority. And so it is necessary that he complete for us after death what he did not finish in his lifetime.

Gregory of Tours And he was indignant that he had been cast out from the city with the rest, and went to Gundobad in a rage to inform him how to burst into the city and take vengeance on his brother.


Gregory of Tours; the Merovingians. – Free Online Library

The feast of the church is given sanctity by a triple virtue: When he praises a man we must look for the service done by this man to the church, and when he blames one we must look in like manner for the opposite. It was carried to Tours and buried there and proved the greatest asset of the city. But as for those who say: To this chance we may perhaps attribute a momentous result; in it lay the possibility and promise of a secular state.

I now call upon thee, I desire to believe thee only let me be rescued from my adversaries.

Gregory of Tours; the Merovingians.

Bishop Eparchius of Clermont finds his church at night full of demons. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

As an appendix, Murray includes additional items on the church, but, these, in general, do no credit to that institution. Gregory’s geography is mixed ] And at the head of this lake the city of Clysma is built, not on account of the fertility of the soil, since there is nothing more barren, but because of the harbor, since ships coming from the Indias lie there for the convenience of the harbor; and the wares purchased there are carried through all Egypt.

And so he gathered an toyrs and crossed the Rhine, and devastated the country of the Brictori, near the bank, and also the district which the Chamavi inhabit, and no one met him any where, except that a few of the Ampsivarii and Chatti appeared with Marcomer as duke on the ridges of distant hills.

When Odoacer came to Angers, king Childeric came on the following day, and slew count Paul, and took the city. But passing over these, as we have said, let us return to our times. It is often vigorous and direct, merovingianss realistic and picturesque delineations of events.

Clovis is represented as heeding this necessity more than any other Frankish king. Avitus, citizen of Clermont, emperor of Rome, and bishop of Placentia. The most eloquent passage in the History of the Franks is the closing chapter of book VI, in which Chilperic’s character is unsympathetical1y summed up.

Then when the people of Tours saw that they had fallen asleep they seized on the clay of the holy body and some thrust it out the window and others received it outside, and placing it in a boat they went down the river Vienne with all their people and entered the channel of the Loire, and made their way to the merovingans of Tours with great praises and plentiful psalm-singing, and the people of Poitiers were waked by their voices, and having no treasure to guard they returned to their own place greatly crestfallen.


Medieval Sourcebook: Gregory of Tours: History of the Franks

After the death of the blessed Martin, bishop of Tours, a very great and incomparable man, whose miracles fill great volumes in our possession, Bricius succeeded to the bishopric. And so, leaving the histories of the writers who have been mentioned above, we shall describe at God’s bidding what was done in the later time. But he was saved from death by the help of his coat of mail as well as by his fast horse.

So the attack on the walls was hastened, the city opened its gates, and Constantine surrendered. The Vandals and the persecution of the Christians under them. War, for example, was not a simple matter of a test of strength and courage, but supernatural matters had to be taken carefully into consideration. And on its bank is situated, not the Babylonia of which we spoke above, but the city of Babylonia in which Joseph built wonderful granaries of squared stone and rubble.

The commentary on the Psalms however is in a fragmentary condition, and the Lives of the Fathers appears as one of eight books of Miracles.

Gregory of Tours

This is proved by the deaths of Godegisel, Gundobad, grfgory Godomar, who at the same time lost their country and their souls. The holy martyr, Privatus.

This was the chief point of Christian pilgrimage in Gaul, a place of resort for the healing of the sick and the driving out of demons, and a sanctuary to which many fled for protection. We must decide then that Gregory’s self-analysis is a mistaken one, correct in the first part but not in the second. And he perceived the treachery of his brother, whom he had not suspected, and turned his back and began to flee, hastening along the banks of the Rhone, and he came to the city of Avignon.

This combination of elements could not have been Gregory’s invention, and it must have been propagated long before Gregory wrote the history of Clovis’ reign.