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It seem that they be some scientists and they do some research for the moment. Yes, I guess they take off now. Suddenly, the boy see a photo of the dog on a fence and he realize the dog run away before he find it.

Vezi rezolvarile in videoclip: Folosind explicatia de aici cum-punem-intrebari-in-englezatradu urmatoarele intrebari: She arrive even earlier than 9 a. Both children and their parents look for the dog for three hours when they decide to place some photos of the dog in the neighbourhood. Ai suficient timp liber? He call everybody some time ago. Erati acolo cand s-a intamplat accidentul?

Test engleza

I not know … Listen! She arrange some meetings for the manager the moment she arrive. His personal assistant come to work today? You hear that sound? Cine s-ar putea sa vina la club?

Vezi rezolvarea in videoclip: Cati prieteni ti-ai facut pana acum? What you think they can do to us?


Au de gand sa se hotarasca ce vor? I read a lot and I also like a lot.

She types very quickly. He not talk to his personal assistant yet. Ar trebui ca noi toti sa visam la o lume mai buna? Maybe they meet somebody today. Vezi rezolvare in videoclip: Menu Skip to content.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. And how you become interested in reading? How long it take her to type the emails? He play with the dog for more than an hour. I think I like reading books since I start secondary school.

How long you be interested in books?

They not know that moment that another little child find Cudly. I be afraid they may catch us. I not think about that! They be happy playing with each other, running in the streets. Vezi rezolvarea si explicatia propozitiilor in videoclipul urmator: I incepatkri understand …. I guess she not send all the invitations so far because she not have time.

They leave here those two aliens who have just got off? Ce s-a intamplat acum o ora? She learn how to type quickly when she be in high-school. Ce formatii au venit la concert?


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She send them a minute ago. What kind of books you like? But who they meet? Well, I not want to eat and I use to ask my grandma to read a story for me while I was eating.

Gramatica Limbii Engleze | pentru cei care vor sa invete gramatica

Gramtaica sister leave the gate open and the little dog go out of the yard. I think the manager decide for all the employees to meet him.

So you read for a long time… How many books you read so far? You want to go there and ask them? What you think about? When I be a teenager I like adventure books, but for some time I study science books.

Stiai puteai sa scrii cand te-ai dus la scoala? He have to take the dog back. I dream with my eyes gfamatica.