Uploaded by. Vladimir Đorđević · B Pribičević – geodezija u gradjevinarstvu, zagreb, pdf. Uploaded by. Geodezija – Oprema i instrumenti za geodeziju. GPS uredjaji. FOIF proizvodi GPS uređaje za sve vrste geodetskih merenja u niskogradnji. 9. juna je na Arhitektonsko-građevinsko-geodetskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Banjaluci održana prezentacija BIM rješenja za geodeziju i.

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Dostupnost putem ostalih medija. Evaluatewhich methodis best suited forstaking outa specificengineeringtaskin the constructionof buildings.

Nadmetanja Registar sklopljenih ugovora Registar bagatelne nabave u The finalrating is determinedbased on the totalknowledgeandcommitmentshownby thestudentduring the semesterwhen makingproject assignments, through testsandexams.

Staking outandanalysisof stakingout direction-axis using differentsurveyingmethods. Preliminary exams —2 exams 3. Status predmeta obvezni 1. Name of the course Engineering geodesy 1. Ivan Jakopec Suradnik ica: Nisokgradnji of application of e-learning level 1, 2, 3veodezija of online instruction max.

Year of the study programme 3 1. Methodsof staking out, methods ofstakingout points-primary classical. Ispitni rokovi u ak. HandbuchIngenieurvermessung, Band 1, Grundlagen, 2. Exemption fromthe written part ofthe examis valid for allregularexamination periods any of the four testperiod. Consultations- repeatingthe entirecourse material.


Applying knowledge and understanding – Handle geodetic instruments and appropriate measuring equipment properly, and perform geodetic measurements. Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes Knowledge and understanding – Understand the role of geodesy, geoinformatics and spatial data in modern world, demonstrate competences in measuring systems, methods and technologies of measurement and spatial data collection.

Sažeti opis Inženjerska geodezija

The manuscript from lectures. Making judgements – Exercise appropriate judgements on the basis of performed calculation processing and interpretation of data obtained by means of surveying and its results. Credits ECTS 5 1. Through e-learning systems for the course. Izrade projektnih zadataka – 4 zadatka 2. Handbuch Ingenieurgeodasie – Grundlagen.

Methodsfor refinementpoints, combined methods, staking outpointsusing thebuilt-inmodulesina niskogradnii station. Osnovni pojmovi i podjele javnih cesta V: Definethe basictasks ofengineering geodesyincivil engineering,staking outelements of constructionsand how niskogrradnji them.

Define thelongitudinal and transverseprofilesof roads. Grading and evaluating student work in class and at the final exam.


For each projectthe studentwill present resultsof his workwith theverificationof independencewiththreequestions. The rightto exemption fromthe written examexercisestudentswho achievea minimumscore of 2out ofbothpreliminary exams.

Describe thebasic types oftrafficandroadelementsin the horizontal directions, circular, transitional andcompound curvature andvertical direction vertical alignment. Exercises—Project number 1-stakingout axisoflong jumppath practical application of methodsforstaking outpoints.

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Pomaci i deformacije V: Number of copies in the library. Student after successful completion of the course will be able to decide which method of staking out point or direction is best suited for a specific engineering task. Expected enrolment in the course 1.