Furcation Involvement & Its Treatment: A Review. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research. Shikai Tenbo. ;51(3) [Furcation involvement and its management]. [ Article in Japanese]. Hasegawa K, Miyashita H, Kinoshita S. PMID: The management of furcation involvement presents one of the greatest . The membrane was soaked in normal saline solution to improve its adhesion.

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Tarnow and Fletcher 27 qnd a classification used Grades I, II, III proposed previously by Glickman 22 with an additional sub-classification based on vertical invasion from the furcation fornix: You do not have the permission to view this presentation.

[Furcation involvement and its management].

Received Oct 14; Accepted Apr Management of furcation involvement As already mentioned furcations are areas of complex anatomic morphology 29 and are difficult to debride by routine periodontal instrumentation During the inflammatory process, the thick alveolar process may predispose to the formation of deep horizontal and vertical defects without soft tissue recession, whereas think bone is commonly associated with recession which may result in easier access to the furcation.

Treatment of grade I furcation involvement Maintenance of adequate oral hygiene is required for preventing furcation lesion from progression. The major disadvantage of the procedure is disease progression in the furcation majagement by mabagement covering and therapeutic failure. There is a high percentage of molars with patent accessory canals that open in their furcation area Out of total samples, accessory canals in the furcation area were demonstrated in The outcome of regenerative therapy in Class III defects has been supported only by case reports and is not predictable based on currently available evidence.

Slight attachment loss has been observed in cases where resective osseous surgery for tunnel preparation is done. Furrcation involvement worsens the prognosis of the tooth because long-term studies indicate that teeth with furcation involvement are the teeth that tend to be lost over time. The patient should be well motivated to keep the involved area free of plaque and inflammation.


Six months postsurgical horizontal measurements at the test site with the stent. Buy Now For International Users: It indicates that furcationn furcation fornix is inclined in the mesiodistal plane and the mesial furcation entrance is closer to CEJ as compared to the distal entrance.

Further, the prevalence is highest for mandibular and maxillary second molars. The primary response variable in the treatment of furcation defects is the attachment level in the horizontal direction. Presurgical procedure Prior to the surgical procedure, thorough scaling and root planing were performed.

The incompletely fused roots may be fused in the area of CEJ but are separated in the apical region.

Grade II — The enamel projection approaches the entrance to the furcation. The subjects were recalled after four to six weeks for surgery. It may be managemdnt to determine the separation line between mesiobuccal-palatal and distobuccal-palatal roots in maxillary molars and maxillary first premolars where the root complex is narrow.

The mean gingival and plaque scores were significantly reduced at the end of three months and six months in both the test and the control groups.

Presently available regenerative therapies have demonstrated good prognosis when used in grade II and III furcation involvement The managemen stated that various treatment modalities for molars with furcation involvement are selected based on the depth of furcation involvement. Register Lost your password?

Ricchetti 25proposed the following classification depending upon the horizontal component of bone loss, Class I: Presurgical vertical measurements at the test site with the stent. Dent Clin North Am. These include 21. This was carried andd at the baseline and at six months postoperatively.

They can be classified on the basis of their proximity to furcation entrance as, Grade I — The enamel projection extends from the CEJ of the tooth toward the furcation entrance. Six months postsurgical vertical measurements at the control site with the stent.


Overhanging restorations result in harboring of plaque resulting in inflammation and thus initiating the development of a furcation lesion. The crown root ratio affects the long-term stability of the preserved portion of the tooth. After the healing is over, the retained root is rehabilitated with fixed prosthesis Figure Focus on furcation defects-guided tissue regeneration in combination with bone grafting. Roughly over the past 10 years, the outcomes have changed in part because of the new knowledge about the disease process and wound healing, and in part because of the availability of new materials.

  ISO IEC 7812 PDF

The mean relative clinical attachment values between the test and the control groups at the baseline were not statistically significant. The patient should be trained regarding the appropriate usage of these plaque control measures.

Furcation involvement and its treatment –

The mean gain in the relative clinical attachment level in the test group was statistically significant at the end of three months and also at the end of six months.

The procedure involves removal of a root without removal of the overhanging portion of the crown Figure In mandibular molars, the procedure involves removal of one root with retaining the complete crown of the tooth.

Healing and repair of osseous defects. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The clinical significance of CEP is that while attempting xnd in involved furcation, CEP should be removed because connective tissue does not attach to enamel and a long junctional epithelium shall be formed which is easily susceptible to breakdown.

However, 3 of the 18 teeth experienced root caries. If the furcation lesion is detected in a non-vital tooth, the endodontic treatment should be initiated and re-evaluation of furcation should be done after weeks. Table 1 Changes managdment gingival and plaque scores. Guided tissue regeneration for the treatment of periodontal intrabony and furaction defects. The contents were then mixed with the blunt instrument and transferred to the defect with a plastic filling instrument and condensed.

The divergence of root cones, their length and remaining bone support should be considered to establish the treatment plan. Class IIType 2: