The IMM Family Information Form is part of the application package if you are immigrating to Canada as a temporary resident (visitor. Form IMM is the family information application which is required to be completed by individuals applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, outside Canada. FAMILY INFORMATION. Complete ALL ALL family members even if they are not accompanying you. If additional space is (IMM ) instead. SECTION A.

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There are two slightly infkrmation forms which ask for the same information: The IMM form is for those immigrating to Canada i. The IMM Family Information Form is part of the application package if you are immigrating to Canada as a temporary resident visitor, worker, student or permanent resident it is called the IMM for permanent residents.

IRCC wants to know about your family so they can establish if you or one of your family members is “inadmissible” to Canada. You can be inadmissible to Canada for financial, health or security reasons or for past violations of Canada’s immigration rules and regulations.

To learn more about inadmissibility and what you can do informatoon it, see this page.

Most immigrants and visitors to Canada must complete the form as part of their application to visit or immigrate to Canada. The only informahion who do not have to complete the form are those who do not require a visa to visit and who are only traveling to Canada for tourist or business purposes for less than 6 months.


The IMM / IMM Family Information Form – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

You do not normally need a visitor visa to Canada if you are a citizen of one of the following countries and provided you are carrying valid, correct travel documents. Instead, you can apply for an eTA. The form is available form IRCC’s website as part of every application package it is required for; it will be listed with the other application pdfs required for your application.

If for some reason you cannot find it with your application package you can always search IRCC’s website for or depending on your application. In order to complete the IMM you must include your personal information as well as the personal information of your immediate family, that is.

Can I fill out one visa application for my whole family if we are travelling together?

You must complete this information whether or not your family members are accompanying you to Canada. If you leave out any immediate family, this could impact the success of your application. If your native language is in an alphabet other than the Roman alphabet, you also need to write all names twice – first in English imj then in the mim of your native language. If your native language is written in the Roman alphabet, you only need to write all names once.

If you cannot fit your entire immediate family on the form, you need to use a second copy of the form, or another piece of paper, to include the remaining family members.


Be sure to note all required information and include inormation on this additional form or piece of paper. Learn about coming to Canada permanently. View the discussion thread.

Can I fill out one visa application for my whole family if we are travelling together?

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Who needs to complete the form? How can I get the form? How do I complete the form? How do I submit the form? Who doesn’t need a Visa?

If you are a citizen of one of these countries, and you want to come to Canada permanently or temporarily for school or work, you also need to complete the Family Information Form for permanent residence applicants, for temporary residence applicants. How to Fail at Express Entry: Common Errors and Mistakes. There are numerous ways to come Canada as both a temporary and permanent resident, and so there are Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s instructions on where to submit your application can Ask Questions Do you have questions?

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