Eugenia stipitata. Myrtaceae. McVaugh. Detail of ripe fruit. (Frutales de la Amazonia). LOCAL NAMES. English (eugenia); Portuguese (araçá-boi); Spanish . Eugenia stipitata. a.k.a. Araza. Large sized guava relative with bright yellow fruit having an excellent sour-acid flavor. Fruits are very juicy, up to five inches wide. Eugenia stipitata is a fruit from Amazonia rich in terpene, volatile compounds, fiber, and vitamin C. The fruit is recognized for its high antioxidant activity and has .

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Myrciaria aureana White Jaboticaba. Leptospermum laevigatum Coast Tea Tree.

Araca Boi – Eugenia stipitata – Seeds

Myrciaria glazioviana Yellow Jaboticaba. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eugenia brogniartiana Eugenia brogniartiana. Myrciaria vexator Blue Grape.

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Readable yet also very xtipitata. Last update on Consequently, seed beds must be established in the first five days after the seeds have been harvested. Araza Scientific classification Kingdom: Eugenia megacarpum Giant Lau Lau. Syzygium cuminii Java Plum.

  24EN43TS B PDF

Syzygium malaccense Malay Apple. Syzygium paniculatum Brush Cherry. Retrieved from ” https: If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment.

Eugenia uniflora Surinam Cherry. Myrciaria dubia Camu Camu. Fruit and flower Photograph by: Campomanesia obversa Guavira mi.

Psidium copacabanensis Copacabana Guava. Food Research International 50 1: Eugenia reinwardtiana Cedar Bay Cherry. Psidium guineense Brazilian Guava.

Eugenia stipitata

Large sized guava relative with bright yellow fruit having an excellent sour-acid flavor. Psidium guajava Red Malaysian Guava. After one year, the plants are planted out on their final site. Although the fruit is very acidic for direct consumption, it can be processed into juices, nectars, marmalades, ice-creams etc. The leaves are simple, opposite, elliptical to slightly oval, 8—19 by 3. Syzygium jambos Rose Apple. In Colombiathis usually refers to the strawberry guava P.

Photo courtesy of Peter Richardson. The seeds are recalcitrant.

Also genetic base is not well known and knowledge about management practices is so limited that it is impossible to make realistic projections. Syzygium suborbiculare Lady Apple. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc. The plants stay in the bags for up to one year; six months in the shade and 6 months in partial shade.


J Essent Oil Res 15 4: Any improvement or selection program will have to involve parameters such as appearance, color, smell, palatability and resistance of stipitaata fruit to transportation and storage. Experimental results on fertilization suggest that organic fertilizer with manure is preferable to chemical fertilizers. The larvae of Atractomerus imigrans feed on the seed, while the larvae of Conotrachellus feed on the pulp.

Eugenia stipitata

It prefers a drier, tropical environment. Psidium firmum Savanna Guava. Psidium friedrichsthalianum Cas Guava.

Growing Environment Minimal information is available.