The Vatican Sayings (Unabridged). This collection of maxims, titled “The Sayings of Epicurus” – or alternatively, “The Voice of Epicurus” – was rediscovered in. THE VATICAN COLLECTION OF EPICUREAN SAYINGS Introduction The as some of the Principal Doctrines, and some are not by Epicurus himself but rather . 2 quotes from Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, and Vatican Sayings: ‘The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to sha.

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By licensing this translation under Creative Commons CC0I hereby release all legal and economic rights to this translation under all jurisdictions including but not limited to the rights to copy, republish, translate, arrange, modify, and make derivative works from this translationand I grant anyone the right to use this translation without conditions for any purpose. Speaking freely in my study of what is natural, I prefer to prophesize about what is good for all people, even if no one will understand me, rather than to accept common opinions and thereby reap the showers of praise that fall so freely from the great mass of men.

Diseases of long duration allow an excess of bodily pleasure over pain. This book contains helpful cross references to Lucretius, “Of the Nature of things,” which is regarded as the most extensive elaboration of Epicurus’ philosophy.

A further curiosity is this: The reason something external stirs is because it matches up with some need inside. I have anticipated you, Fortune, and entrenched myself against all your secret attacks.

The text provided here generally follows that of Hermann Usener as published in his Epicureawith some attention paid to the texts of G. There is an elegance in simplicity, and one who is thoughtless resembles one whose feelings run to excess. There is no advantage to obtaining protection from other men so long as we are alarmed by events above or below saykngs earth or sayinga general by whatever happens in the boundless universe. That you be not checked by one or more of these provisos is impossible; for a man never gets any good from sexual passion, and satings is fortunate if he does not receive harm.

Continuous bodily pain does not last long; instead, pain, if extreme, is present a very short time, and even that degree of vatcian which slightly exceeds bodily pleasure does not last for many days at once. The interesting thing is that Epicurus has relatively little extant work. The wise man who has become accustomed to necessities knows better how to share with others than how to take from them, so great a treasure of self-sufficiency has he found.


His understanding was not the same as a physicist’s today, but it is not as far off as you might expect. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: PD 37 Among epicursu things held to be just by law, whatever is proved to be of advantage in men’s dealings has the stamp of justice, whether or not it be the same for all; but if a man makes a law and it does not prove to be mutually advantageous, then epicuris is no longer just.

The sage does not feel a greater pain when he epicuruss tortured than when his friend is tortured, and would die on his friend’s behalf; for if he betrays his friend then the rest of his life would be troubled and disturbed on account of his treachery. The study of nature does not create men who are fond of boasting and chattering or who show off the culture that impresses the many, but rather men who are strong and self-sufficient, and who take pride in their own personal qualities not in those that depend on external circumstances.

Don’t spoil what you have by desiring what you don’t have; but remember that epickrus you now have was once among the things only hoped for.

The “Vatican Collection” of the Sayings of Epicurus

Yet it is impossible not to come up against one or other of these barriers, for the pleasures of love never vtaican a man and he is lucky if they do him no harm. After the completion of his military service, Epicurus joined his family there. The study of nature does not make men productive of boasting or bragging nor apt to display that sayingz which is the object of rivalry with the many, but high-spirited and self-sufficient, taking pride in the good things of their own minds and not of their circumstances.

To see what your friends thought of this vaticaan, please sign up. But you, who are not master of tomorrow, postpone your happiness. I take it to mean that human beings do not change throughout life in their essential needs: Fpicurus of the letters deal with Epicurean science that tried to free itself from myth and the gods and are slightly more boring than his maxims and letter on how to live in tranquility.


Much of what is known about Epicurean philosophy derives from later followers and commentators. Paperbackpages. For the enjoyment does not come after the learning but the learning and the enjoyment are simultaneous.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Email required Address never made public. The Vatican Collection of Sayings is a list of Epicurean e;icurus.

It is vain vaticah ask of the gods what a man is capable of supplying for himself. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Letters Principal Doctrines and Vatican Sayings

Dreams have neither a divine nature nor a prophetic power; instead they come from the impact of images. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Most of what we know about him and his philosophy comes to us secondhand through other philosophers and writers, such as Lucretius. I learn eipcurus your letter that carnal disturbances make you excessively inclined to sexual intercourse.

The soul neither rids itself of disturbance nor gains a worthwhile joy through the possession of greatest wealth, nor by the honor and admiration bestowed by the crowd, sagings through any of the other things sought by unlimited desire. Epicurus – – Prometheus Books.

The “Vatican Collection” of the Sayings of Epicurus – Epicurean Database

The stomach is not insatiable, as the many say, but rather the opinion that the stomach requires an unlimited amount of filling is false. He taught that pleasure and pain are the measures of what is good and bad, that death is the end of the body and the soul and should therefore not be feared, that the gods do not reward or punish humans, that the universe is infinite and eternal, and that events in the world are sayinngs based on the motions and interactions of atoms moving in empty space.

The wealth required by Nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity. That epifurus be not constrained by one or more of these conditions is impossible; for a man never gets any good from sexual passion, and he is fortunate if he does vativan receive harm.

Praise from other men must come of its own accord; and we must be concerned with healing ourselves.