We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Physicians may act as intermediaries to recruit patients by inviting patients to take part or passing on questionnaires on behalf of the agency, they MUST however:. Single stage market research studies conducted online, by telephone or by post that involve only minimal remuneration do not require a written agreement in advance of fieldwork.

In the Netherlands tax laws make it necessary ephmrx store the confirmation of receipt of incentives, for the length of time required by law.

Ehpmra a MR subject Withdraws The distinction between market research and non-interventional research applies whether the market research involves prospective or retrospective patient data. Purpose, Scope and Sources 1.

If legal advice is needed it is should be sought independently. When researching existing or future potential medical treatments with patients, care should be taken not to:.

Richard Head elected Associate Member to the EphMRA Board

A MR programme refers to the systematic collection, recording and analysis by a marketing authorisation holder of data and findings about its medicinal products, relevant for marketing and business development”.

Judgement by regulators as to whether a market research survey is disguised promotion is likely to be based on the impact of a series of factors, alone or in combination. So the use of cookies MUST be disclosed, as well as a clear description of the data collected and the uses to which it will be put – this MUST be easily accessible – and explicit consent may be required depending upon national legislation.

It is also strongly recommended by EphMRA that the responsibilities of list suppliers are made explicit and agreed to in writing within some form of project agreement, such as the contract. ephhmra

Market research using anonymised patient record data is analysed in aggregated form to generate information upon market patterns. Personal data may be a single piece of information or a series of pieces of information including other information or data sets available to the holder, which together would allow identification of an individual or infer their identity.


In the UK market research emails are not defined as commercial communications within the Amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Agencies should beware of placing pressure upon patients and try to minimise this e. Mobile market research sometimes referred to as eResearch involves the collection of information by mobile device mobile phones, tablets and other similar mobile computing devices for market research purposes.

ESOMAR advises that unsolicited e-mail approaches to potential MR subjects should not be made even in countries where this is permitted by law unless individuals have a reasonable expectation that they may be contacted for research. Preparing the Sample Sample Size 4. In Canada, MRIA affiliated researchers must take into account the degree of maturity of the child or young person involved when considering what subjects may or may not be safely dealt with in an interview. Given the potentially sensitive nature of discussions with payers and influencers, care should be taken to ensure that their professional role is respected and they are not pressured to impart inappropriate information.

The following information should be provided to MR subjects at the start of fieldwork, even though much of this information will have been communicated at recruitment:.

Are patients randomised to different groups? This will ensure that should MR subjects fail to complete the exercise for any reason their rights are protected. In particular, sound and image data qualify as personal data from this point of view, insofar as they may represent information on an individual.

It is sufficient to tell MR subjects the nature of their roles within their company and in general terms their reasons for observing. Classification Preparing the ATC Guidelines and managing new entries, changes elhmra improvements in consultation with pharmaceutical companies Read Ephmar. Anyone running sweepstakes, especially online, should have ephmrw counsel carefully monitor state and federal ephmar and court decisions in this area.

Clarify in writing and gain documented agreement as to the precise nature of the research and the responsibilities of each party. Inform MR subjects at recruitment of any activities they will be asked to undertake. You can find the guidelines here. The request is made to both the external media, and to the internal press services, to add the framework at the bottom of the article.


Should a carer be present or on hand if required? EphMRA also recommends epgmra contracts include a clause committing all parties engaged in the market research study — the commissioning company, the market research agency and any sub-contractors — to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines.

Children and Young People Definitions Log into Resources to access these. Personal data covered by the EU Data Protection Directive includes data “be it alphabetical, numerical, graphical, photographical or acoustic.

Upcoming market research events | SKIM

Adverse Event reporting requirements associated with medical devices should be agreed with the Marketing Authorisation Holder before commencing any market research survey. Researcher or Agency Contact Details In addition, nurses must be treated as non-HCPs, so incentives should be similar to patients rather than physicians. Adverse Event Reporting Protecting Data When it is Transferred Clinical endpoints are not needed for market research.

This can be given at the end of the interview rather than the beginning, but it MUST be given. The law states that when a benefit valued over 10 euros including VAT is to be given it has to be reported by named individual.

Explanation of Key Principles. The personal data of Ephmrx subjects eligible for incentives are confidential, so cannot be passed to clients without consent, this consent MUST NOT be linked to receipt of an incentive. A valid ICSR should include at least one identifiable reporter, one single ephmrq patient, at least one suspect adverse reaction and at least one suspect medicinal product.

Researchers should check any client-prepared materials prior to publication to ensure that the research results are not misleading. Recruitment Screening Questions and Questionnaires 4.

In Denmark legislation stipulates that any non-double-blinded i. If MR subjects agree the company name can be withheld until the end of fieldwork to avoid bias or the threat of disguised promotion. There is no restriction upon the use of protected health information if it has been de-identified.

Researchers must make sure that:. Publish a statement that epgmra results have been misreported and correct the misreporting.