Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. , Vol. 30, No. 4, SOME EVIDENCE DONALD G. DUTTON2 AND ARTHUR P. ARON. University of. The suspension bridge experiment was conducted by Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron in , in order to demonstrate a process where people. Short talk about the famous psychological experiment of Douglas Dutton and Arthur Aron in which males passing a high anxiety inducing.

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Retrieved from ” https: A second experiment replicated this first experiment. Sixty six male participants were asked to watch one of the videos and then rate the female as in the first study. After completing the video, participants were given thirteen attraction trait criteria on which to rate the female. Suproxin was actually a shot of epinephrine or a placebo.

To make this website work, duttonn log user data and share it with processors. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your wnd in any social system. At the end, the experimenter offered his or her phone number so that the respondent can call in for results if interested.

Two-Factor Theory of Love – The Psych Apprentice

Share buttons are a little bit lower. In the laboratory experiment, Dutton and Aron saw similar results – those warned of strong electrical shock reported being more physically attracted to the female experimenter than those who anticipated mild duton. Methods and Design by Goodwin In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, today’s special Lexicon entry is about a theory on romantic love by Dutton and Aron From Wikipedia, the free afon.

In one study, they put the participants into three different groups: The participants were told that they had to wait 20 min for the Suproxin to get into their bloodstreams. We need to belong or connect with others in enduring, close relationships. The participants were then asked to view a video xnd a female confederate either manipulated to be attractive or unattractive.


Misattribution of arousal

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. However, it is possible that only risk-seeking men crossed the wobbly bridge that is a tourist attraction. Some evidence for heightened sexual attraction under conditions of high anxiety. Misattribution of arousal aaron a term in psychology which describes the process whereby people make a mistake in assuming what is causing them to feel aroused.

Sexual Content in the Media. When fear becomes attraction Other studies demonstrated that arousal due to physic activities, was attributed to anger toward another person, but only some minutes after training; otherwise, a person knows that activity elicited arousal Zillmann et al.

The researchers found that males on the suspension bridge who presumably felt more anxious and aroused were eight times as likely to call the female snd, compared to those on the sturdy bridge. Registration Forgot your password?

Additionally, a study conducted by Allen, Kenrick, Linder and McCall in suggested an alternative explanation to the misattribution of arousal in terms of attraction-arousal as there are other types of arousal that can be misattributed.

The researchers told participants that they would be exposed to a subliminal noise and were then asked if they could predict how well they would do on two tasks. One of the earlier studies that focused on misattribution of arousal was done by Schachter and Singer in The Power of the Situation. The experiment confirmed the researcher’s hypothesis that individuals in a neutral aroused state were more likely to rate a target as attractive than an unaroused individual. Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron ‘s [3] study to test the causation of misattribution of arousal incorporated an attractive confederate female to wait at the end of a bridge that was either a suspension bridge that would induce fear or a sturdy bridge that would not induce fear.


Download ppt “The study of Dutton and Aron Thus, the researchers concluded that males could misinterpret feelings of anxiety for physical attraction. In the first experiment, 54 male participants were placed under varying degrees of physical exertion, in 19774 to create a state of arousal. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Typically people feel more confident before they are supposed to do a task, but the closer they get to having to perform that task, the less confident they feel, which could be due to the arousal from the expectation of the performance. The Effect of Arousal on Attraction: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The researchers then either told the participants the effects of the epinephrine, said nothing about any potential effects of the epinephrine, or told them they may feel some effects that had nothing to do with the epinephrine for example, the researchers told the participants they could experience a headache from the shot.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”, 30, — Published by Jean Allison Modified over 3 years ago. The participants then were observed to see if they appeared to be angry or euphoric and took a self-reported survey about their mood.