When I read Dorian Yates Blood & Guts book, believe me the first thing I did immediately was sending my previous book(Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Terrific book! I grabbed my copy as soon as it became available. It covers all the bases on what it takes, and took Dorian, to achieve size in a simple. Find great deals on eBay for Dorian Yates in Magazine Back Issues and BLOOD AND GUTS bodybuilding muscle book Mr Olympia DORIAN YATES + 2 Color.

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It isn’t possible to train too hard but it is possible to train too often and too long. As you progress in your bodybuildingyou can start to change and substitute exercises and rep-schemes to suit your body. A typical bulking cycle would be 1,mg testosterone weekly, mg deca weekly, 20mg dianabol daily, drian a little HGH.

Dorian Yates

Oatmeal, brown ricesweet potato, vegetables etc. I was not going to be distracted by anything — a fight with my wife, a bump in the car, whatever it may be. Thanks for your content as always, RhinoRyan. Someone like me who was monk-like pretty much, expect for the steroids, would have been far healthier than most of the people who stumbled through his door. Here is a typical weekly Dorian Yates Training Split: There is footage on the internet of Yates training Cormier’s legs, after which Cormier can be seen running into the street to throw up.

During his early days, Yates used to move doriam of the family home during ‘contest prep’, something which always upset his son Lewis. Dorian would usually train after eating two meals.


You don’t need to be in the gym a long time! Indeed, the actor Jason Statham sought out Yates during the after blooc of Mickey Rourke’s premiere of ‘The Wrestler’ in to tell him what a big influence he had had on his own training.

I started implementing HIT into my training. After training he’d take a whey protein shake and some simple sugars to get a quick insulin reaction. Start with a minute cardio warmup.

FATS — You need a moderate amount of fats in your bodybuilding diet. Majid Khan rated it it was amazing Jul 15, To do the Dorian Boook HIT routine you need a training partner who is as crazy as you are because you have to go way beyond failure, way beyond pain, and way beyond comfortable.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads bloos.

The best thing to do is watch one doriqn per day, right before you go to the gym. Don’t lock out the elbows at the top of the movement Dumbbell lateral raises 1 warmup set — 12 reps 1 working set — reps to failure Low pulley delt raise No warmup, book working set — reps to failure Bent over reverse dumbbell flyes 1 warmup set — reps, 1 working set — reps to failure Rest for five minutes before you start training your triceps.

Blood and Guts by Dorian Yates

When you work abs, always use very controlled, short movements — sit-ups, crunches and reverse crunches will do. At the time it was a bit upsetting having your dad do that to you. He also said that beginners and newbs will be better off vlood more than 1 set to failure since they really would not stress out their CNS enough since they will still be very weak but you should reduce the volume as you bloos handle more intensity weight.


Recovery is the name of the game, you don’t get big from lifting weights only, you get big from allowing the muscles to recover from your workouts. Browse Related Browse Related. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Dorian did many sets but! You must be prepared to give all that you have to give during the one working set.

Dorian Yates – Blood and Guts routine – Forums

I have boxes and boxes of old flex anc muscle vuts fitness magazines I’m clearing out this is from march Mr. This is an excellent write up. Very good Time left: The revelations within this book run deeper than gushing praise, however, including a brief mention that the late Michael Jackson used to come over to the house of Lou Ferrigno — who rose to fame as the Incredible Hulk in the s TV series — in the early mornings to train in his garage.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We even learn of Yates’ doriann to use performance-enhancing drugs, with brief details of what — but not exact dosages — he used to help take a step towards the professional arena.

Where did he share this workout of his?