One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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With all that said, Ein has no particularly spectacular abilities or moves to comment on. Computer -Funny the computer plays about doa the same manner with Ein as it does Hayate. Now about how to stop her combos.

Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List

There are no walls or obstacles. Hitomi On Hitomi’s eighth costume, pressing A or Start will result in brown hair; pressing X or Y will result in blond hair.

Combos- Spartan’s combos are worthless. Anytime you can get them with this while they’re in the air it’s more beneficial than anytype of combo you can perform. If you click the right analog stick during this session, you’ll be able to get a preview of how the move should look. Plus it looks really cool, and remember half the game is style points: Dead or Alive 4 Channel. If you button mash you can do quit a bit of damage.

Coliseum Tag The wrestling ring. Controls First let’s familiarize ourselves with the controls. When you tell the computer to perform a specific action, it will repeat that action until you tell it do something else. For example Elliot has a high hold, that will push the opponent back. Helena is somewhat difficult to unlock, or at least time-consuming to do so, requiring you to beat story mode with all 16 of the originally available characters before she becomes open for play.


So, basically, try to button mash if possible. Do you truly think you’re ready to slap the computer opponents or worse, human opponents in the face and live to tell the tale? Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List

Like Brad and Helena, Ayane has a number of moves that can be performed with your back to your opponent, and consequently, a number of her normal attacks will finish with Guiide facing away from your enemy. Human -watch for throws and mid kicks. He doesn’t have a lot of particularly unique features, although he can, of course, be brutally effective in the right hands. Human -very easy to block until her combo is done and then attack.

Dead or Alive 4 Strategy Guide

Leifang Gide is an interesting character, and one that’s suited to a more technical style of gameplay that many others. Using them properly will give you a big advantage over opponents who aren’t expecting them. So try to use quicker weaker moves.

You can dow4 down the trigger or bumper buttons before hitting Y to change the color of the frames. Do not try to throw or counter because the computer opponents are “dumb” until about the 4th level or so, and will not block or counter often enough to make throwing or countering worthwhile. Nassau Station The Halo themed stage.

Or how his 7P and 9P are incorrectly listed as P and P, respectively. Counter holds occur when buide input the hold just before the incoming attack lands on your character. An opponent must be launched or bounced pretty high at least half the screen to be able to grab them. If you do it however than it should finish the guude. You do NOT have to wait until that punch is over to start the throw. If you always do a low leg sweep to get up from a knockdown, they’ll constantly do low holds to counter you, and so on.


Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Here’s the 2 steps to doing it.

Table of Contents

The critically and commercially acclaimed Dead or Alive series once again rises to new levels in Dead or Alive 4 with more speed, power, new characters, never before seen moves, beautifully detailed interactive levels, stunning costumes, the ever-lovely DOA ladies, and raw head-to-head heart pumping excitement all while pioneering a new generation of gaming for the fighting game era.

He has very damaging combos that are really good. Forlorn Penguin and Gultigargar. If you do find yourself caught in the combo all her combos usually contain a mid punch of sorts so you can most likely counter it and get out.

Watch out for the attacks where she does two attack and then throws, as the computer often times will try to trick you dla4 countering so it can throw you. System Voices Each character has their own system voice, which you can use doz4 replace the default system voice in matches from the options menu.

Haven’t had much time to work on it, but I thought i’d get his revised version up since it’s very well done. The most obvious members of Zack’s movelist are the rapid-fire kick combos, such as Mad Beast and Mad Hound, which typically open with one or two punches before shifting over to a sequence of four kicks, either mid or low.

Some Starting Characters you should avoid- Bass- Bass is huge. A final quick note is that you do not have to do the p,p.

Learn the punch holds, love the punch holds. Tatami This stage is always available in Sparring and can be used in versus when all costumes and Alpha’s system voice are unlocked.