The European Framework Directive on Safety and Health at Work (Directive 89/ EEC) adopted in was a substantial milestone in improving safety and. Council Directive 89//EEC of 12 June on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work. Table 1- 1 Directive 89//EEC (Framework Directive) – Observed discrepancies, more stringent and .. directiva quadro relativa à segurança e saúde dos.

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Article 24 – Requirements relating to notified bodies 6. Quadro normativo ID The Directive aims to establish an equal level of safety and health for the benefit of all workers the only exceptions are domestic workers and certain public and military services.

The votes of the representatives of the Member States within the committee shall be weighted in the manner set out in that Article. Article 36 – Coordination of notified bodies 7.

Directive 89//EEC – OSH “Framework Directive” – Safety and health at work – EU-OSHA

Article 9 Various obligations on employers 1. La Commissione presenta periodicamente al Parlamento europeo, al Consiglio ed al Comitato economico e sociale una relazione relativa all’attuazione della presente direttiva, tenendo conto dei paragrafi 1, 2 e 3. Health surveillance should be provided for workers according to national systems.

Article 6 – Provisions concerning the use qquadro PPE 2. Protection against the harmful effects of noise Article 17 Committee 1. Article 18 – Risk categories of PPE 5.


Mag 21, PPE subject to ageing Delegated and implementing powers and procedures 1. Article 11 – Obligations of distributors 3.


Air conditioners and comfort fans Air heating and cooling products Circulators Computers Domestic cooking appliances Electric motors External power supplies Household dishwashers Household tumble driers Household washing machines Industrial fans Lighting products in the domestic and tertiary sectors Local space heaters Heaters and water heaters Power transformers Professional refrigerated storage cabinets Refrigerators and freezers Simple set-top boxes Solid fuel boilers Standby and off mode electric power consumption of household and office equipmentand network standby Televisions Vacuum cleaners Ventilation units Water pumps.

Pursuant to paragraph 1, the employer shall, inter alia, for first aid, fire-fighting and the evacuation of workers, designate the workers required to implement such measures. Self-regulation may achieve the ecodesign policy objectives more quickly or at lesser expense than mandatory requirements. Dic 24, The employer shall ensure that each worker receives adequate safety and health training, in particular in the form of information and instructions specific to his workstation or job: Nevertheless, the workers’ obligations shall not affect the principle of the responsibility of the employer.

Member States shall take the necessary steps to ensure that employers, workers and workers’ representatives are subject to the legal provisions necessary for the implementation of this Directive. The training referred to in paragraphs 1 and 3 may not be at the workers’ expense or at that of the workers’ representatives. Documenti Legislazione Testo Unico Ambiente. For the purely technical adjustments to the individual Directives provided for in Article 16 1 to take account of: The new obligation to put in place prevention measures implicitly stresses the importance of new forms of safety and health management as part of general management processes.


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For the Council The President M. Member States may define, in the light of the nature of the activities and size of the undertakings, the categories of undertakings in which the employer, provided he is competent, may himself take responsibility for the measures referred to in paragraph 1.

Article 14 – Presumption of conformity of PPE 4. Article 10 Worker information quaro. Conformity assessment procedures 1. If the measures envisaged are not in accordance with the opinion of the committee, or if no opinion is delivered, the Commission shall, without delay, submit to the Council a proposal relating to the measures to be taken.

Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Article a thereof. Dic 31, Article 9 – Authorised representatives 3.

Member States shall report to the Commission every five years on the practical implementation of the provisions of this Directive, indicating the points of view of employers and workers. Nov 08, Parigi Novembre Vedi.

Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 31 December Additional requirements specific to particular risks PPE enclosing the parts of the body to be protected Documenti Legislazione Testo Unico Ambiente.

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