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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering See the chemical composition and physical properties of DIN Grade G- X40CrNiSi condition, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. DIN – Replaces DIN This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN Also available in. Publication

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DIN 10CrMo 910

Soft annealing Hardening Tempering. About our engineering castings in Deutsch at: After welding SFS requires a tension removing and normalization tempering.

Alloy steel castings, which have been subjected to special heat treatment, for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts intended primarily for high-temperature service. Martensitic stainless steel and several grades of ferritic steel castings for cylinders shellsdib chests, throttle valves, and other heavy-walled castings for steam turbine applications.

Phase 06 is austenation. Condition of delivery 01 is normalized. Village Sobowidz Sobbowitz is situated 30 km to the south of Gdansk year city and Baltic Sea harbour in northern Poland.


Metakom SCW Invest JSC, Bulgarian Foundry Company, cast iron and steel casting

Technical drawings by e-mail please send as files. Figures in brackets are not binding. Also centrifugal castings and lost-wax investment castings art castings too – brass statues e.

Yield point Rel min. BS Steel castings for pressure service.

Steel castings for crude oil and natural gas installations*

Steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts intended primarily for low-temperature service. Perfect if your RFQ includes: The welding of GCrMo4 demands pre-heating.

Phase 09 is tempered to hardness HB — Sande Stahlguss GmbH Giessereistr. We help to choose the best alloy for customer’s casting, please describe enviroment of work for casting forces, temperature, pressure Materials We produce materials according to the known standards, as well as your own company standards or customer requirements.

GX40CrSi29 DIN :: Total Materia

Phase 07 is tempered to hardness HB Production of gravity dies and high pressure dies. Special categories for nodular graphite cast iron are according the SFS quality system.


We invite to fin G-X40CrNi 25 20 welding abilities are moderate. Materials Products Quality Remelting.

As an ingredient a non-blended or an Mn-blended ingredient is to be used. Home Materials Materials Steel castings Constructional steels: Tensile strength Rm min. SFS can be welded by common welding methods. G-X25CrNisi 20 14 is highly weldable. It does not require before or after heat treatment.

We give inspection certifications 3. G-X40CrNiSi 29 is extremely difficult to weld.

New Year’s Day 1st Jan. Mechanical characteristics will be defined from separate samples or from samples that are cast together.