Digitech DSP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech DSP Owner’s Manual. Digitech DSP Plus, Music Technology, May The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review. Digitech DSP Plus, Sound On Sound, Apr There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section .

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Interestingly, low values 3 or below seemed to create a kind of flanging or phasing effect.

DigiTech DSP Plus Digital Signal Processor Vintage Rack | eBay

Previous Manuql in this issue Source Of Inspiration. I tried this out with the maximum values for both, and though it was quite hard to decide on a point where the reverb tail was actually quieter than the noise floor when it decays this slowly, there was ,anual around a minute and a half of beautifully decaying reverb. What is lacking, however, is a table to let you assign a program number to any incoming patch change message.

According to the manual, the reverb decay time in seconds is the product of the numerical values of these two parameters: I found this rather odd as my other equipment can be reset by changing patch. Review by Digitecch Waugh. High values tend to produce a metallic, ringing sound, and low values produce a grainy, fluttery sound: Music Equipment Manuals and Documentation. Ian Waugh treats himself. Having checked out the presets I began to investigate the algorithms that lie behind them, and just what kind of effects are available within each.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Owner’s Manual

All programming functions on the unit are carried out with the cursor and parameter buttons, and the four-digit LED display provides modest visual feedback. Also, the pages which should have contained details of the factory presets were totally blank so the uses to which some of the presets could be put were not always digotech.

If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive The default configurations for these are bypass and to switch in infinite repeat, but they can be reconfigured to step backwards and forwards through the programs and they can be used with DigiTech’s three-button footswitches FS and FS to step through assignable program numbers.


One of the significant enhancements to the DSP’s facilities that has been made with the Plus version is that any of its effects parameters can now be controlled in real time with MIDI Continuous Controllers. You can dump the programs to a MIDI storage device many sequencers can now handle this so if you create more than programs you can save them to make room for some more.

The LED display can be varied so that as you change parameters they scroll into the display area or pop into it. With distinctive effects like this, it’s very easy to grow tired of them quickly if they sound identical every time you use them.

Previous Article in this issue Finale. Independent initial delay times up to 1. So, anything from a highly reflective bathroom to a train station wallpapered with mattresses can be digitch and haven’t you always wanted to know what a train station wallpapered with mattresses would sound like?

Previous article in this issue: The power supply is built in.

A few milliseconds difference between the placement of the repeats at each position is enough to give the echoes a refreshing stereo depth and movement.

If the feedback delay time is set to a greater value than all three dsl the initial repeat delays, the ‘rhythm’ of the initial three repeats is repeated over and over.

To some extent this is justifiable – any new piece of gear must be judged in comparison to its nearest equivalents, but the problem starts when one regards a product as being less interesting because it is not as original and different as it would have been had it appeared a few months earlier.

In the light of these rapid advances in technology, what have the boys at DigiTech come up with? By carefully choosing the parameters you can determine the size and absorbency of the reverb environment as well as the position of the listener in relation to the sound.


Gated Reverb, Delay, Filter It will take quite a hefty signal before peaking. In practice, to kill the effect I found it far easier to turn the Mix control to Dry.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, a current manual will be available. Perhaps software upgrades are in Digitech’s corporate mind – a software upgrade has got to be a better prospect than realising your unit has depreciated to less than half its cost and shelling out all over again.

Fiddling around with my MIDI switching unit caused a MIDI error on the Plus – and on other equipment, too – but the only way to escape from the error was to switch off and on again.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Manuals

The display will also show changes made to a a parameter’s values from a MIDI controller – a useful function. It has three rotary dials on the front to set input and output levels and the mix between the dry signal and the processed signal. You can make the sounds do more than just bounce from left to right – they can circulate around the stereo image.

Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay As with the mono delay effect, the number of repeats is set by the Feedback parameter, which enables anything from a single echo to infinite repeats to be created. Sound quality is excellent – although I’ve just suggested that this unit has been designed with the guitarist in mind, it’s definitely a studio quality effects processor.


The manual even contains blank sheets on which to write the parameters of new programs you create. The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review model. A smattering of acoustics and psychoacoustics?

The flange, on the manuall hand, has a good deal more bite: