De vita sana (On healthy life), dedicated to Ficino’s patron, Lorenzo il De vita coelitus comparanda (On obtaining life from the heavens) delves into the. In his De vita coelitus comparanda, Ficino provided a wealth of details concerning how such talismans were to be worn; how certain plants. De vita of Marsilio Ficino by BRIAN P. COPENHAVER. M\ At arsilio Ficino completed the third part of his De vita libri tres, titled De vita coelitus comparanda, .

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The Sun offers you signs, and who would dare to call the Sun false? Author Ficino, Marsilio, At least we are used to speaking of light as a trace of universal light, offering itself to our eyes in a certain proportion; or indeed, as a vital spirit between the soul of the world and the body — but we have already said enough about this in the Theologia. Orphic Hymn to the Moon translated by Marsilio Ficino. For I have found by long and repeated experience that medicines of this kind are as different from other medicines made without astrological election as wine is from comparana.

Marsilio Ficino, Three Books on Life

Ficino was struck to discover that his account of the creation of the universe resembled that of Genesisyet—he said—we should not be amazed, because Mercurius could be none other than Moses himself Theologica platonica8, 1.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though I recognize the god Thoth in the Moon image comparandda Picatrix I decided to depict the image in a hermetic style.

The gave him the gold because he was a king; the incense because he was comparandq priest, the myrrh because he was God. Philosophy books s books 15th-century Latin books Books by Coeljtus Ficino. Marsilio is a priest, isn’t he? They included the Orphic Hymnsattributed to Orpheus, but, in fact, written probably between the second and third centuries AD; the Chaldean Oraclesalso written in the second century, but attributed to Zoroaster; and, above all, the Corpus Hermeticum.

The malefic planet are not harming: We know that the star Sirius or Sothis, the star sacred to Isis, the most bright star in the sky, was used by Egyptians to determine the beginning of their calendar which was calculated by the helical rising of Sirius. According to Celitus, the magic of Ficino used the human spiritus as its medium through which it worked.


Then, opening their treasure chests, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and vits. In the words of Ficino.

This hammering and heating, if it happens under a harmony similar to that celestial harmony which had once infused power into the material, activates this power and strengthens it as blowing strengthens a flame and makes manifest what was latent before, as the heat of a fire brings to visibility letters previously hidden which were written with the juice of an onion; and as letters written with the fat of a goat on a stone, absolutely unseen, if the stone is submerged in vinegar, emerge and stick out as if they were sculptured.

It grants us to direct towards the Good and quieten in it and makes possible we love the good and rejoice in it. Illuminated Manuscripts from Europe.

In understanding ourselves, we understand the World Soul. What does a Christian have to do with magic or images? None of this was apparent inhowever. We have to remember that combustion is not a real debility for Mercury which always travels very close to the Sun. Mercury is in its domicile and exaltation in Virgo in the II place.

Alongside passages explaining the immortality and divine source and nature of the soul, there are astrological charts and remedies, speeches from various Greek gods arguing with one another, philosophical digressions, medieval prescriptions for various ills, attempts at reconciling the Neoplatonism of Plotinus with Christian scriptureand magical remedies and talismans.

Cancer is indeed northern, and adapted to descent; but Capricorn is southern, and adapted to ascent. Ficino on the use of talismans and the distinction between natural and demonic magic. It imitates the intentions and passions of the soul as well as words; it represents also people’s physical gestures, motions, and actions as well as their characters and imitates all these and acts them out comparanxa forcibly that it immediately provokes both the singer and the audience to imitate and act out the same things.

Furthermore the Sun is in trine with Jupiter in Aries. The codex is one of the volumes commissioned for the Bibliotheca Corviniana of Matthias Corvinus that remained in Florence after the sudden death of the Hungarian king. And the compxranda of the cavern which are turned to the north are rightly said to be pervious to the descent of men; but the southern gates are not the avenues of the Gods, but of souls ascending to the Gods.


In the first place, Soul is led most easily of all, since she is the Primum Mobile and movable of herself, of her own accord.

Three Books on Life

In it in fact there is an invisible and intellectual light, which transmitted in the air, becomes visible; in the subtler air is visible to the Saints; in the denser, to the others too. One is curious, the other is necessary. And she brought forth her firstborn son; and she wrapped him in coeliyus clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

The illuminations are by Attavante Attavanti. For according to the more ancient Platonists, from her reasons, the World-soul constructed in the heavens besides the stars, figures and such parts of them as are also themselves figures of a sort; and she impressed properties on all these.

Fifthly, while it is present and within everything, it is spoiled by nothing and comparxnda with nothing. The above-mentioned things can be adapted partly to foods, partly to ointments and fumigations, partly to usages and habits. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This, however, was thoroughly rejected when the Prince of this World was cast out.

Ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger. This shop of ours displays various antidotes, drugs, fomentations, ointments, and remedies, according to the differing mental capacities and natures of men. They exist in the World Soul and reflect the pure, unchanging Ideas in the Intellect. They required interpretation, explication and comment; they needed to be enclosed in a rational didactic framework where they could be elucidated, deciphered, in order to make clear the mystical affinities between a symbol and its content.

There is nothing to be found in this whole living world so deformed that Soul does not attend it, coelifus a gift of the Soul is not in it.

Thus the blood serves the spirit, the spirit the foelitus, and finally the senses reason. Secondly, of all things it is most easily and widely radiated in an instant.