The Contax TVS is a fancy compact zoom camera from the mid nineties. Zeiss Vario-Sonar zoom lens and a good range of sensible manual. View and Download Contax Tvs III instruction manual online. Contax Tvs III: User Guide. Tvs III Film Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Tvs3. View and Download CONTAX TVS DIGITAL manual online. TVS DIGITAL Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Picture frame, close focus frame, focus frame, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus indication, flash ready, program indicator. Eddy My name is Eddy. If you found this post interesting or useful, or if it helped you make up your mind about buying one of these cameras, then why not buy one on eBay.

Reply Eddy November 28, at By clicking that link, ocntax long as you buy, bid on or win manuap auction within 24hrs — at no extra cost to you — I will receive a little kick back from ebay to help keep 35mmc up and running.

It handles like a dream, even shooting one handed. I was in constant fear of knocking the thing off.

Let ten more years and I will be able to use an autofocus camera in the right way and then evolve to digital cameras. Patreon and Ko-Fi Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations.

Unlike the later Contax TVS versions, and in line with the generally tactile design, the zoom is controlled using a physical tab on the lens barrel. I have lots of Contax cameras but not a compact. It may sound stupid expecially when you use the TVS for one year but I have just discovered that in the manual-focus mode, you have some focussing assitance indications in the viewfinder. The left panel shows the flash mode and exposure compensation setting while the right one shows the current frame number.


March 15, at 8: In the off position this cable folds on itself inside the lens barrel in a quite disturbing position that is bound to create points of weakness. Comfortable, tactile and with a nice balance between physical controls and useful electronic displays. The monster is the Edited by Sonny Boy Havidson member 8 years ago. What a great feature!


Compared to most compacts however this is a decent viewfinder which automatically masks for parallax so stays accurate even when close up. So in summary the Contax TVS is a pleasure to use. But once I got in the flow I grew to mxnual it. I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer with a particular love of analogue cameras from down the ages.

The design is clean and sleek but perhaps a little bland for some tastes. This is a solid little camera. I also use the TVS ii and your review reflects pretty much all of my thoughts on it. In rvs mode it becomes a centre weighted reflective spot meter.

Where those cameras produce images of outstanding technical excellence this one is merely very good. The G2 rangefinder is my favourite 35mm camera but with one huge caveat, it lacks a rvs manual focus. Sonny Boy Havidson Posted 8 years ago. Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance! Thank you for your review and photos. It looks like this…. The TVS does a very good job at pretty much all the things I want from a camera like this and it does those things in a pleasurable and tactile way.


So much to get my teeth into. Is the LCD working to show the current exposure compensation? My Instagram handle is expectgrain and I’m always on the lookout for new people to follow and talk to.

Reply Hamish Gill November 27, at No great shakes but plenty good enough for me in daylight.

No fiddling back through menus every time you start up. May I ask which film was used? Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. But the first film did not work out.

The LCDs are small and basic. The Contax TVS shutter release is surprisingly good. Reply Brady December 8, at On the very rare occasions I tvss about those things I use the LCD indicator to find 35mm and shoot at f5. Save Cancel Drag majual set position!

Reply Eddy September 12, at 8: I really wanted to love the Contax T vs! Flash or no flash, all the negatives are under-exposed.

This is a quiet camera by any measure and compared to most film compacts is positively monkish.