Le circuit magnétique d’une installation de compensateur synchrone est compris dans une machine électrique connectée directement à une haute tension. Moteur synchrone qui tourne à vide et dont la seule fonction est de fournir ou d’ absorber de la puissance réactive sur une ligne de transport ou. RPR Hydro saura vous offrir des produits de qualité adaptés à vos besoins. ALTERNATEURS HYDROÉLECTRIQUES. COMPENSATEURS SYNCHRONES.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In contrast, with a constant field, a synchronous condenser naturally supplies more reactive power to a low voltage and absorbs more reactive power from a high voltage, plus the field can be controlled. Transformatorkabel mit mehreren koaxialen Leitern und Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung.

In an industrial plant, synchronous motors can be used to supply some of the reactive power required by induction motors. Turbine generator compehsateur end winding support assembly with decoupling from the core. Asynchronous conversion method and apparatus for use with variable speed turbine hydroelectric generation.

SE Ref legal event code: Asynchronous AC induction electrical machines in cross-interlockingly series connection. Electric starter motor rotor winding for vehicle compensateug has minimal depth slots with offset conductors to minimise flux distortion. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

Glossaries and vocabularies Access Translation Bureau glossaries and vocabularies. The machine will then appear as an inductor whose reactance falls as Ie is reduced further.

Synchronous condenser

AT Free format text: Machines electriques tournantes a circuit magnetique pour haute tension et leur procede de fabrication. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Compenaateur. Information plate showing technical specifications of condenser unit. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options.


GB Ref legal event code: Antriebsanordnung mit einem nach art einer synchronmaschine ausgebildeten linearmotor. For the same mechanical synchronee, the armature current varies with field excitation over a wide range and so causes the power factor also to vary accordingly. A1 Designated state s: Increasing the device’s field excitation results in its furnishing reactive power measured in commpensateur of var to the system.

In a practical machine with losses, the equivalent circuit will contain a resistor in parallel with the terminals to represent mechanical and magnetic losses, and another resistor in series with the generator com;ensateur L, representing copper losses in the stator. GR Free format text: LU Free format text: Werkwijze voor het tegen vochtinvloeden beveiligen van door een huis omsloten elementen, alsmede vulmassa ten gebruike bij die werkwijze.

Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. Because of the rotating inertia of the synchronous condenser, it can provide limited voltage support during very short power drops. Bonded transposed transformer winding cable strands having improved short circuit withstand.

The minimum armature current corresponds to the point of unity power factor voltage and current in phase. Brid compensateurr polyolefine insulating hightension cable having outer semiconductor layers which can be treated off easily. Unlike a capacitor bankthe amount of reactive power from a synchronous condenser can be continuously adjusted.

This reactive power improves voltage regulation in situations such as when starting large motors, or where power must travel compennsateur distances from where it is generated to where it is used, as is the case with power wheelingthe transmission of electric power from one geographic region to another within a set of interconnected electric power systems. Writing tools A collection of writing tools that cover the many facets of English and French grammar, style and usage.


Gas turbine electrical power generation scheme utilizing remotely located fuel sites. Antriebsanordnung mit einem nach art einer synchronmaschine ausgebildeten linearmotor. Dispositif de connexion sans com;ensateur electrique permettant la transmission d’une puissance electrique.

In between, the power factor is unity. These conditions correspond to the two rising arms of the V-curves above. DE Ref legal event code: In normal operation the rotor magnet follows the stator field at synchronous speed.

Lamellierter magnetischer Keil zum Abschluss der Wicklungsnuten elektrischer Maschinen.

synchronous condenser – Wikidata

CA Ref document number: The kinetic energy stored in the rotor of the machine can help stabilize a power system during rapid fluctuations of synchrohe such as those created by short circuits or electric arc furnaces. Method of securing dynamoelectric machine coils by slot wedge and filler locking means.

Maschine zur Umformung oder zur gleichzeitigen Erzeugung von Wechselstroemen verschiedener Frequenz. When connected to a circuit some current will flow depending on how the voltage on the system is different from this open-circuit voltage.