Christos Tsiolkas is the author of Loaded, which was made into the feature film Q. This book revolves around a central, powerful incident: the titular slap. The Slap may refer to: The Slap (film), French / Italian comedy film; The Slap (novel), novel by Christos Tsiolkas; The Slap (TV series), Christos Tsiolkas’s fourth novel uses the familiar Australian template of a family barbecue in Melbourne’s suburban hinterland to set the.

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A middle class culture that struck me as incredibly selfish and ungenerous … I wanted to try and write a book Rosie represents the worst of the self—obsession, the entitlement and self—righteousness I associate with my own generation. If this author won an award that wasn’t presented by his mother after a panel of close family members voted on a ballot with this single book as the entry, then I am stunned.

Jan 11, Banafsheh Serov rated it it was amazing.

Really hated ALL the characters in this book. It is annoyingly readable, but has so many flaws that, despite a storming and cbristos start, it really tails off towards the end of the novel and you find yourself wondering why you are still reading. Because there is so little crime in Australia, that this stands out as a good use of police time and court resources. See, chrisros story is told in several chapters, each from a different christoss point of view. There’s the socially conservative, macho culture of the Greek characters, with its emphasis on family and hierarchy.

Finally we hear from Aisha herself, as she and Hector take a holiday where truths come out, and Richie, Connie’s best friend, a young lad waiting to hear his exam results and struggling with the fact he is gay. There are two ways of accounting for its success.

They appear as the perfect couple but each has an affair, the men with a 16 years old no less, referring to her as a young and fresh cunt charmingand in the end it appears that what make them stick with one another is how good they look together. It felt like a gift, having observed the incident I described above.

It must be such a great sell – in fact, I have mentioned it to other people and they have shown the same intrigue.


The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas – Reading Guide – : Books

They implement these chrisos by letting their son, Hugo, run wild, so that, at four years old, he is still breast-feeding and generally behaves like a brat. I did not like the frequent use of the word “wog” – isn’t this an unacceptable racist teiolkas like nigger?

I also need to start ignoring three for two offers. Aug 20, Alyssia Cooke rated it did not like it Shelves: Tsiolkas does a brilliant job at showing us a cross section of Australian life, a seething mass of religions and cultures, sexualities and races. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The language is laughably foul.

The premise is fantastic slwp taking a child being slapped as a starting point, and exploring how this affects friends and family is just brilliant.

Christos Tsiolkas on how he wrote The Slap – Guardian book club | Books | The Guardian

Instead, it really just focused around the relationships of all the acquaintances and their personal lives. The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. The characters were challenging and multi-faceted because as the chrietos progressed revelations about their past would make them appear in a different light and the motive of their actions would also alter the reader’s views about them. On the contrary, it should make us more than a little worried.

The slap and its consequences cause everyone to question their own families and tsiolkaz way they live, their expectations, beliefs and desires. Although, if I rated everything on how disturbed I felt then my ratings would probably all be low. When my cousin’s marriage went south and it became clear that his and his parents’ sexist swine behaviour led to his wife’s suicide, I decided I would never talk to the bastard again.

I was a closet Slap-hater at this point.

Christos Tsiolkas on how he wrote The Slap – Guardian book club

Show 25 25 50 All. He watched his son suck contentedly from Rose’s tit. Christos Tsiolkas did try to redeem himself with the later part of the book, but it truly was too little, too late. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I just don’t like seeing a child on the ground obviously upset and crying.

I finished this only because I hate not finishing a book, and I wanted to validate for myself that what I thought was the case, about 20 pages in, was actually the case — This is an awful, awful book.


The geography of Melbourne and its various neighborhoods plays an important role in this book—in some cases, almost defining the characters and their social status. Most readers would feel uncomfortable reading a similar account of life within one of Britain’s ethnic communities. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

If you are not being surprised you are being bored and if you bore yourself you are going to bore your reader. On to the cgristos In I published a novel called Dead Europe that had taken me seven years to write. It just isn’t real life tsiolkqs in my experience anyway – it’s very difficult to sympathise with any of them. Finally the slap, that is supposed to reverberate into each of the characters life, has just a very limited impact, apart from Rosie and her husband, and in my opinion was just an excuse.

I am often shamed by how I fall short of that goal. Now to my question: The way people think of each other and treat each other and stick with each other for the most ludicrous of reasons in his universe is depressing in the extreme. The characters are all either racist, sexist, drunken or sluts or indeed, in a few cases, all of the above.

Who is responsible for disciplining children?

And if they are not being demonized, then they are being cast in the role of perpetual victims. An uncomfortable but highly recommended read. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

I’ve mentioned my dislike of profanity in books before. Both Hector and Harry are married to beautiful women whom they love and respect. Among the many damaged children in the book, the brutal Harry is the son of an abusive father, and the overprotective Rose the daughter of a distant mother. I would have thought that the main purpose of a book like this would be to make the reader think, to engage them and as the cover actually asks, to make you pick a side.