This small but important book by Hendrik Berkhof ushered in a wave of studies in this translation, and drew from it in his own famous work, The Politics of Jesus. : Christ and the Powers (John Howard Yoder) (): Hendrik Berkhof: Books. Hendrikus Berkhof was a professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Leiden. Berkhof The subject first published Christ and the Powers in which sought to understand the operation of spiritual and social forces especially in.

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The Theology of Monsters Part 1: See all 3 questions about Christ and the Powers…. And the world turns. Raising Merry Hell Part 5: Robb rated it really liked it Aug 08, The Man in Black Part 4: Very interesting, but very introductory.

Christ and the Powers by Hendrikus Berkhof

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I’m not qualified to judge that claim. From this idea–the thing that sets up or starts off an ordering– stoicheia could mean something like “fundamentals” or “basic elements” or “governing principles.

Modern theologians in a world increasingly interested in the scientific and moving away from the supernatural had little use for them. A Walk with William James Part 1: Mar 11, Mayowa Adebiyi rated it liked it.


Christ and the Powers: Part 1, Paul’s Demythologization of the Powers

Pragmatism and the Emerging Church Part 5: The ‘powers’ are the undergirding of Creation, according to Berkhof, and become evil in their influence only as they seek dominion for themselves Berkhof is on to something that is often missed in Biblical studies. This review will be updated later, time permitting: The opposing “powers” can be anything that any given person might possibly imagine and fear.

Stuff White People Like Part 6: Richard, I hear that you’d like to reconcile a biblical worldview with modernity but in this case it seems like the modernism gets the cake and eats it ths and the biblical worldview is getting completely silenced. Avoiding the Ben Op of the Pharisees Part 3: Mar 30, Eli rated it liked it.

I speak from personal experience.

Hendrikus Berkhof

Refresh and try again. And lets get practical about this. It helps me to not be as distracted, for example, by condemning thoughts and to be able to listen more often for Jesus, the Presence with me that is to replace these powers.

Critical realism in the scholastic sense is just as viable as critical realism in the contemporary sense Jimmy Jaime cgrist it it was amazing Mar 20, One conclusion we can take from all this is that Paul’s conception of the Powers was different from that found in Jewish apocalyptic thought. Ian Berkho Christian Faith: I find it strange that this comes so close to the fact that I have been reading and listening to Michael Hardin’s “the satan.


Illicit Hybrids Part berkhod Experimental Theology is also available on the Kindle. Jan 20, John Lussier rated it it was amazing Shelves: For me, this scenario you brought up sets the stage for a completely banal instance of the struggle for belief in any aspect of any religion.

Christ and the Powers : Hendrikus Berkhof :

Holy Ghost Conga Lines Part 2: I am particularly fascinated by the readings of the text that this opens up. But Christ has defeated the Powers, among them these moral stoicheia.

As I read Wink, he is decidedly agnostic about this personal aspect, and about how realist or nominalist we should be about the forms.

I don’t have an informed opinion on what Paul might have primarily had in mind, but the term works equally well to critique an obsessive and narrow legalism, word and letter mysticism, and Greek atomism. Talking with the Dead.