Caucasia: A Novel [Danzy Senna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Look out for Danzy Senna’s latest book, New People, on sale in . Maya Jaggi on Danzy Senna’s parable of race, From Caucasia, With Love. A Longish Intro on How I Came Across this Book Danzy Senna reviewed a book in the New Yorker in May , a work she refers to as that.

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LitFlash The zenna you want at the lowest prices. It is and racial tension in the Boston area is high as busing to desegregate the public schools is implemented. Published February 1st by Riverhead Books first published February 2nd In this setting, they experience their first taste of the racism that their mother has been shielding them from and their father has been warning them about.

It’s the story of Birdie Lee, her older sister, and her parents–the neurotic, bro The first time I read this book was on a a rainy bus ride in the San Francisco bay area, and I surprised myself by finding myself crying, for it in many ways spoke of my own multiracial experience, albeit in highly fictionalized form.

Birdie travels with her mother, losing all contact with her sister and father and integrates into a new life and school as someone she is not, she accepts it, but the truth seethes beneath the surface of all her interactions, she becomes numb to the misconceptions about who she is, until caufasia has had enough and decides to go looking for Cole and her father.

And nothing will ever be the same. A courageous effort to place the reader in the mind of a character who is like a changeling, crossing racial and geographic boundaries, making choices that will cauczsia not just her survival, but that she gets the answers she is looking for.


The almost palpable way this impacts the lives of these two sisters is incredibly moving and unforgettable. That my real self — Birdie Lee — was safely hidden beneath my beige flesh, and that when the right moment came, I would reveal her, preserved, frozen solid in the moment in which I had left her.

Her parents’ marriage falls apart; Birdie and her sister are sent to “Nkrumah, The Black power school. Feb 18, Jalisa Jones rated it it was amazing. Caucasia by Danzy Senna.

Caucasia Summary & Study Guide

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Anna Shapiro, The Observer’s review longed for a more enhanced and nuanced narration. They would bring dazny canary in with them, and if it grew sick and died they knew the air was bad and eventually everyone would be poisoned by the fumes. Books by Danzy Senna.

Does Sandy treat her two daughters differently based on their appearances? I’m white and grew up in a small town in the South in the late 70s and 80s and the portrayal of small town white culture in that era is painfully accurate: Deck falls into homophobic disdain for a friend who comes out after a lifetime of “passing” as straight; Birdie is befriended by a transvestite hooker. Surprisingly, as disappointing as this book was, it is still a recommended read.

When Birdie and Cole attend the same school, one where the majority of students are black, Birdie is criticized for looking too white, and must struggle with the expectations held to her as a black girl who isn’t black enough.

How does looking different in the world change you, even though you come from the same starting place? They were ver active in politics and the Black Power movement.


Dec 05, Tarina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Sandy’s inability caucasa parent two black girls and to understand her black husband only reinforced her background that she tried to escape.

Caucasia by Danzy Senna by E T on Prezi

Apr 22, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: She lives in New York City. Passing as the daughter and wife of a deceased Jewish professor, Birdie and her mother finally make their home in New Hampshire.

Senna finds a perfect-pitch voice for Birdie that blends innocence, wry humor and straight-out pain. International book reviews praised Caucasia including Anthea Lawson of The Times London”Senna hits no false notes in this engrossing and powerful tale of identity and misplaced idealism.

What does she find out? I didn’t quite realize how famous this book was when I bought it. I read this book many years ago and enjoyed it immensely. After 6 years on the run, and changing identities and no real place to call home, Sandy decides that they should settle down.

She disappears with her mother, whose paranoia about being followed by the FBI leads her to construct new Jewish identities for them. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys reading about family relationships, radical politics and a coming of age story that is unique because of the family circumstances.