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Rubbermaid offers a full line of recycling products that contain rubvermaid recycled resin. Having the responsibility of preventing fire, theCalifornian Fire Service requires that all containers which are used in public areas to collect NSFcombustible materials cigarettes must pass an anti-fire test.

Commercial Decorative RefuseSilhouettesModern interior design style. Manufacturing, Sourcing and Packaging.

Will not rust, chip or peel and resists dents. Create your own flipbook.

Implement a more hygienic waste disposal regime Thorough procedures are necessary to make sure waste is correctly disposed of. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Reduce physical stress and cut lost working hours Repetitive or strenuous physical labour can result in musculoskeletal disorders MSDs. International Sanitary Supply Association, Inc.

The EU has set strict objectives: These standards relate to the production, materials and structure of the Dairy Listing. When a product does finally reach the end of its useful life, it is recyclable.


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Products made with PCR close the recycling loop by incorporating rubbermsid material into new products! Rubbermaid looks to offer the very best in durability, ergonomics and safety. The intuitive use of products marked with this symbol guarantees that they comply with the HACCP-guidelines.

NSF lists products which meet their criteria for cleanability and sanitation: Made using the best materials to improve longevity. Eliminates the need to remove the lid during emptying and helps reduce worker strain and trip-and-fall hazards. Nosocomial Infections or Hospital Acquired Infections have become a major issue for the healthcare sector in many countries. The Pulse allows the user to direct a jet of water or chemical on to the target area, maximising efficiency and reducing the need to regularly move the mop to a bucket.

Colour-coding creates consistent visual cues for customers and staff when sorting recyclables.

UV stabiliser added for rubber,aid Indicates products that contribute Rubbermaid washroom guaranteelife in outdoor settings. So now, you can fit one practically anywhere.

Rubbermaid offers a wide range of products to help you actively manage and recycle your waste. Waste is a big problem. This lessens environmental impact by reducing the demand for raw materials.

All metallic components are made from stainless steel.

Rubbermaid Catalog

All Rubbermaid products are ergonomically-designed to help reduce physical fatigue and strain. Tested to 20, cycles. Items that comply with USDA regulations via the design, construction anditem, according to its use. This includes everything from desk-side containers for paper recycling to complete indoor andoutdoor recycling stations and mobile collection equipment for handling larger loads with ease.


It is not just a case of keeping waste out of 200 with clean surfaces — the airborne dispersion of bacteria and spores means that waste materials must be well-contained at all times.

Tops snap securely into lid. Too much waste is still being sent to landfill sites or being incinerated, when the best solution to reduce our environmental impact is to recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible.

USA Hospitality Catalog Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2018

Container with ashtray Polyethylene Forms a chain to deter theft. View in Fullscreen Report. Trucks will help rubbermaud move material around faster and easily, saving time and avoiding painful back Skin care strain.

Products and components are subject to change without notice, and may differ from catalogue imagery.