Parts Online Catalogue. Published on Apr 16, The new Apico Hard Parts catalogue. Cover of “Univers Catalogo Malossi” · Univers Questo catalogo comprende anche i Kit di trasformazione. , , 2 Strokes, , 50 2 Strokes, , B 50,5. 10 X 36 X 6. MALOSSI. Monday, January 21, AM ADEG LIST IMP _pdf Wednesday, January 25, PM CATALOGO RICAMBI N 2.

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Threats for external cylinder studs were implemented to fit the new Malossi MHR Team cylinder kit.

Malossi C-One Engine announced at EICMA –

ST 50 ring not chromed Leaning out the mixture even more by adding a bigbore kit means even higher combustion temperatures causing overheating and the head gasket to fail eventually. Sfera ring not chromed. I ordered the Malossi primary gear set and the Polini secondary gear set.


Could you get back to me with information and prices please many thanks. Rotax – Aluminium cylinder. I had my doubts over the last years to be honest.

Booster – Ovetto – Nitro. Wed Feb 05, 9: Heaps of material was malpssi to allow for port flowing and plug and play mounting of the MHR Team cylinder foot.

People – downtown – GTI. Apparently, the crankshaft housing was prepared to mount a long stroke crankshaft. SFX ring not chromed. Daniel July 3, at Malossi and Polini parts help.

Electronic coils Force Master

I’m going to put a big bore kit in my SHi. Zip SP, will be made available. Storm ring not chromed. Gak – Snyper – Spacer 50 ring not chromed. Just providing the information! Polini secondary gear Beverly cast iron cyl. Runner cast iron cyl.

Catalogo Pistoni motorcycles

The Malossi C-One will be available in March and features of several new components. External studs allow for better cooling and even bigger cylinder sizes.


CT ring not chromed. NRG ring not chromed. The engine housing and cylinder kit is for now only announced in a long Piaggio version, so Minarelli riders need to pray and hope.

RGV Twin cylinders. Stalker ring not chromed. I want to make sure I get the correct kit. Rapido ring not chromed.

Don Molander January 2, at Which model polini bbk is for ctalogo Honda SHi? A bigger radiator is however a nice thing to have especially if you have hot summers.