Manuals and User Guides for Canon Powershot SD IS. We have 7 Canon Powershot SD IS manuals available for free PDF download: Getting Started, . View and Download CANON POWERSHOT SDIS user manual online. POWERSHOT SDIS Canon Powershot SD IS Getting Started pages. Canon Powershot SD IS: User Guide. Powershot SD IS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: b, b, Sd – powershot is.

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Embedding the Date in the Image Data Adjusting the ISO Speed Shooting in Manual Mode Shooting Panoramic Images Stitch Assist Adding Effects with the My Colors Function Attaching Sound Memos to Images Sound-Only Recording Sound Recorder Set the mode switch to a- 2. Indoor Prevents camera shake and maintains the subject’s true color when shootingunder fluorescent or tungsten lighting. Sunset Allows you manuual shoot sunsets in vibrant colors.

Foliage Shoots trees and leaves–such as new growth, autumn leaves or blossoms–in vivid colors. Fireworks Captures fireworks in the sky sharply and at optimal exposure. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. The recording time will vary according to the capacity of the memory card you use p. I You are recommended to use a memory card that has been formatted in your camera to shoot movies p. The memory card supplied wit h the camera may be used kanual further formatting.

The frame rate can be set depending on the recording pixels. AC adapter since the recording period may be lengthy. The overlapping seams of several adjacent images can be joined into a single Right to left horizontally sequence. To Cancel Checking the Focus Press the shutter button halfway. I and white balance. In addition, camera meters the subject so that the face is In focus – Yellow: Select [Small] to constrict the focal frame to suit a small subject or to focus on a particular area of a subject Select Frame The frame will continue to follow the subject within a certain range.

Adjust the exposure compensation to a negative value to avoid manul the subject too bright in night shots or when shot against a dark background.

The camera divides images into several zones for metering. It evaluates complex lighting conditions, such as Evaluative the position of the subject, the brightness, the direct light, and the backlighting, and adjusts the settings to the correct exposure for the main subject.

Shoot with the camera attached to a tripod. Press kanual O button. Use the 4″ or 4, button to select [] and the 4″ or 4′ button to change the option. The correct white balance may not be obtained when the exposure setting is incorrect image appears completely black or white.


Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Manuals

I i Shooting in a My Colors Mode ‘. My Colors Off Records normally with this setting. Tones down the contrast and color saturation to Neutral record neutral hues. In [] Setting Custom Colors Mode.

This can be performed on movies as well as still images, allowing you to enjoy photographing with image or movie effects. However, depending on the shooting conditions, the images may appear rough or you may not get the expected color.

I Changing Save Method for the Original Image When shooting still images in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode, you can set whether or not to save the original image as well as the transformed one. Grid Lines Displays grid lines to divide the screen into 9 parts. Helps confirm the vertical s1d100 horizontal positioning of the subject.

Scenery For images shot in [] or [] The following functions ,anual be registered. Images can be magnified up to a factor of approximately lOx. Moreover, as you can change the display size and switch images, you can easily check facial expressions and whether a subject’s eyes are closed. Jumps to the first image of each shooting Jump Shot Date date. The following operations can be performed if the images are sorted into categories.

Portion i Trimming an Image You can trim a required portion of a recorded image and save it as a new image file. Ends playback and returns to single image Exit playback.

An icon will display when a printer is connected. Iss 1 second or longer before editing can be edited in 1- second increments, but those that are protected or less than! If the battery runs out of charge partway epending on the movie’s file size, it may take some time to through, edited movie clips cannot be saved. IThe displayed image darkens and the next image gradually brightens until it is displayed. All Images Plays all images on a memory card in order. Date Plays images bearing a specified date in order.

Press the 41, button. Up to images can be selected. They will be played back in their order of selection. Choose between seconds, 15 seconds and 30 seconds. Displaying time can vary slightly depending on s1d100 image. Repeat Sets whether the slide show stops when all the slides have been Select [Set up]. Red eyes may not be automatically detected in some images or the results may not turn out as you intended.

We recommend that you use [New File] tc save corrected images.


Adjust the correction frame s ize sothat i tonly s urrounds thered-eye portion tobecorrected. When there a re several subjects with red-eYe, besure to add one correction frame p er s ubject.

The sound data is saved in the WAVE format. Exit Ends the operation. Pause Stops recording or playback. I Exit Returns ks the menu screen. Holding down the FUNC.

PowerShot SD IS Blue

The Rewind sound cannot be heard while rewinding. The Forward sound cannot be heard while fast forwarding.

Use the 4″ or ,I, button to select [Protect]. Select Erase images after selecting them one at a time. For picking a first and last image and erasing all the Select Range images in the range. Select by Date Erases images corresponding to the selected date.

Page of 88 Go. Table of Contents Danon to my manuals Add. Page 6 Scene Mode! Page 7 Fireworks Captures fireworks in the sky sharply and at optimal exposure. Movie Shooting i ‘,m,Movie Shooting p. Page 13 I You zd1100 recommended to use a memory card that has been formatted canob your camera to shoot movies p. Page 19 – When [Face Detect] is selected, but no face is detected, or In the following cases the focus point will not display magnified: Page 22 turned off.

Adjusting The Exposure Compensation i Adjusting Exposure Compensation Adjust the exposure compensation manusl a positive value to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background. Page 32 at the desired brightness.

Page 36 In mmmmmmmmmmm 1. Page 38 When shooting movies: Page 40 white. Page 41 I Changing Save Method for the Original Image When shooting still images in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode, you can set whether or not to save manuwl original image as well as the transformed one. Page 42 i Setting the Display Overlays You can display vertical and horizontal grid lines, a 3: Page 46 f Also refer to Viewing Still Images p. Page 52 rganizing Images by Category My Category You can organize images into prepared categories.

Page 53 [Select] 1. Page 54 Seiect last image, Page 55 Portion i Trimming an Mnual You can trim a required portion of a recorded image and save it as a new image file.

Page 57 i Viewing Movies Page 59 i Editing Movies You can delete portions of recorded movies.