from Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Tell me more: In , the designer Bruce Mau published a point program for what “design process” can . Two years ago, Bruce Mau unveiled a point program that took the design Here is an incomplete selection from his incomplete manifesto. Incomplete, Manifesto for Growth has 3 ratings and 0 reviews.

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Mark Busse — No Comments. His 43 points spread like wildfire throughout the design industry and are still regularly quoted by design wonks like me.

I wonder if he pulled it down because he regrets any of his bold challenges to us as an industry? I still love considering how these relate to my life and practise and have them pasted to the wall next incmplete my desk. Allow events to change you.

You have to be willing to grow. Growth is different from something that happens to you: The prerequisites for growth are the openness to experience events and the willingness to be changed by them.

Good is a known bguce. Good is what we all agree on. Growth is not necessarily good. Growth is an exploration of unlit recesses that may or may not yield to our research.

Love your experiments as you would an ugly child. Joy is the engine of growth.

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Exploit the liberty in casting your work as beautiful experiments, iterations, attempts, trials, and errors. Take the long view, and allow yourself the fun of failure every day. The wrong answer is the right answer in search of a different question. Collect wrong answers as part of the process. Allow yourself to wander aimlessly. Everyone is a leader. Whenever it does, allow it to emerge. Learn to follow when it makes sense to do so.

Desynchronize from standard time frames, and surprising opportunities may present themselves. Cool is conservative fear dressed in black.

Free yourself from limits of this sort. Growth is fueled by desire and innocence. Assess the answer, not the question. Imagine learning throughout your life at the rate of an infant. Strange things happen when you have gone too far, have been up too long, have worked too hard, and are separated from the rest of the world.

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

If you like it, do it again. You can travel farther carried on the accomplishments of those who came before you. And the view is so much better. The new conditions demand a new way of thinking. The thinking demands new forms of expression.

The expression generates new conditions. Creativity is not device-dependent. Think with your mind.

Bruce Mau: an (incomplete) manifesto for growth

Real innovation in design, or in any other field, happens in context. That context is usually some form of inco,plete managed enterprise. Frank Gehryfor instance, is only able to realize Bilbao because his studio can deliver it on budget. By maintaining financial control, we maintain creative control.


The bandwidth of the world is greater than that of your TV set, or the Internet — or even a totally immersive, interactive, dynamically rendered, object-oriented, real-time, computer-graphic-simulated environment. When you forget inco,plete words, do what Ella did: Make up something else but not words. Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it.

A Reflection On An Incomplete Manifesto For Growth : University of Dayton, Ohio

Take advantage of coffee breaks, cab rides, and greenrooms. Real growth often happens outside of where mabifesto intend it to, in the interstitial spaces — what Dr.

Apparently, it was hugely successful and spawned many ongoing collaborations. People visiting the studio often comment on how much we laugh. Power to the people.

Play only happens when people feel that they have control over their lives. Can You Spot the Differences? Sign up to stay informed and receive updates and advice from time to time.