Documents, presets, manuals Boss DD Giga Delay – Audiofanzine. View and Download Boss Giga Delay DD owner’s manual online. Digital Delay. Giga Delay DD Music Equipment pdf manual download. DD(T). BG b. 23 b f e. 1 k. 20 m n c. 31 G QUICK MANUAL LABEL. 1. G ENC KNOB. 1. G .. Parallel box (BOSS J-5). • Oscilloscope.

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That is to say, two delay modes will play back simultaneously, with totally independent settings. If you set the delay time at ms, the first delay will appear hard right at ms, the second hard left at ms, the third hard right at ms, the fourth hard left at selay, etc. There are several functions on the DD that can be set by the user: The pedal functions differently according to the Pedal mode settings.

If you are buying it anyway, why not let some of your cash go to your favorite web site? The depth of cross fade how hard to the left and right the signal is panned can also be set from 0 no panning to maximum panning.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The Memory function allows you to store up to four tones in the DD itself, independent of the panel settings.

Documents, presets, manuals Boss DD Giga Delay – Audiofanzine

Curiously, Modulate affects a mono input but not a stereo input! The Feedback knob does nothing in this mode. Tape simulates a tape delay.

Equipped with custom backlit Gjga for clear, easy viewing of delay times, even on dark. The Boss DD GigaDelay is a dual-stompbox delay device featuring 23 seconds of delay time in 11 different delay modes.

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Enter text from picture: Main Features A full second long goga provides plenty of time for loop play and sound-on-sound. It’s just a little harder to make it all work with multiple pedals if you do though. Any purchase you make through these links gives Looper’s Delight a commission to keep us going. If you set the Effect level full up and the Feedback to minimum, you will hear only a reversed signal, but if you increase the feedback, you can hear the original, forward signal with subsequent repetitions of the stored sound.


To print the manual completely, please, download it.

And some of the delays which require a stereo output to sound different from their mono outputs will continue to put out a stereo signal even when the pedal is in A: Staccato sounds played over time will appear as somewhat unpredictable random points in the stereo spectrum, while longer sounds will each have their own “swirl” depending on where in the wave the sound was played.

The 11 different delay modes include a sound-on-sound mode, several simulations of vintage delays, and several unique delay-based effects.

This is pretty darn cool if you ask me. There is no control over any parameter of the Smooth effect. Analog simulates a solid-state analog delay by adding a pronounced midrange resonance at approximately Hz along with a loss of lows and highs, somewhat like a band-pass filter with a high Q at about Hz.

I’ve also wired them up with the output 1 of pedal A into input 2 of pedal B, and output 1 of pedal B into input 2 of pedal A, effectively creating a cross-feedback that can be controlled with the effect level, tone, and feedback controls. The effected sound retains the stereo image of the input. Mono Connection Mono Connection fig. Note that the DD stores the settings, not the audio material you loop. Play what is to be used as the basic phrase. Dual is the same as Standard, but with a second delay of up to ms available.

Other Media Files : Boss DD-20 Giga Delay

Memory locations can be shown with two different lighting patterns of the LEDs. Changing How Memory Numbers Are Indicated Select the pattern that provides the easiest way to check the memory in any particular environment. Plus, you don’t have to stick with even mamual.

Reviews of the DD on Harmony central can be found at this link: A stereo input remains a stereo output in this mode. These settings are stored even after power is turned off.


Switch off the power. Scroll down to Glitchingbosw past the Descriptions of the 11 Delay Modesbelow. Operation The pedal functions differently according to the Pedal mode settings. I had no end of grief trying to figure it out. This setting is preserved even while the power is turned off, and is selected as the default delay time setting display when the power is turned on again.

Boss Giga Delay DD Manuals

Standard is a full-frequency delay with no apparent loss of lows or highs. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every. The life of these batteries may be limited, however, since their primary purpose was to enable testing.

Don’t have an account? Release the pedal and the levels drop to wherever you originally set them. During repairs, mmanual care is taken to avoid the loss of data.

The direct sound retains its stereo image, but the effected sound reduces the stereo input to mono, whether the Twist effect is engaged in this mode or not.

None of the settings will self-oscillate except for the Twist mode, which is a bit quirky. Seekers of dense swirling soundscapes can use this wiring with the two pedals slightly out of synch – say, 40 to 80 ms apart – and create, with just a few swelling notes, a kind of watercolor-on-paper-towel spread of sound.

Descriptions of the 11 Delay Modes, along with some tips and tricks for using them: As the rate and depth are increased beyond 30, a pitch shift becomes more apparent, generating a chorus-like effect. Successive layers of Sound On Sound cannot be selectively undone; it is either “on” or “off. This is convenient when you want to use your foot to rapidly switch memories to call up a desired sound.