Si vous le lisez avec l’espoir de trouver dans J’irai cracher sur vos tombes quelque chose capable de mettre vos sens en feu, vous allez drôlement ètre déçu. He claimed that J’irai cracher sur vos tombes (I Shall Spit on Your Graves) was his translation of an underappreciated young black author. French title: J’irai cracher sur vos tombes; Translated into English by Boris Vian and Milton Rosenthal; With a Preface by Boris Vian; The TamTam edition comes .

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I Spit on Your Graves – Wikipedia

But I felt that Vian was just writing to smell his cum as he masturbated on the pages. Ganas de llorar, de vomitar, de gritar, de putear, de exigir. Voris college kids out to reopen an old research center are stalked and murdered by a crazed killer in the woods.

While I still feel compassion for others, I now realise that I am probably drawn to books that confirm this negative world view, the view that people are essentially full of shit and life is mostly viciousness, pettiness, vapidity and suffering. One reason the way Vian ties things up does not work that well is because the book is so shocking from the start. De hecho, hasta los hombres caen bajo el encanto de Lee!.

Vian cranked out three more books that year in a similar vein, including The Dead All Have the Same Skin Colour, a book that turned I Shall Spit’s concept on its head, by having a white protagonist who could pass for bogis. Do I absolutely have to be disgusted and want to throw up due to the oppressive misogyny and violence of the story to call it art? The trouble for anyone trying to analyse that career is that he refused to be pinned down as simply a k Lee’s style suf seduction is pretty rough and tumble, but in these tpmbes it seems to work, and despite taking advantage of a completely drunk Jean he soon has both sisters wrapped around his finger.


In this respect he comes nearer to a more Latin erotic tradition” Irrais was later disclosed that Vian himself wrote the book and made up the identity of Vernon Sullivan!

Retrieved from ” https: When Katie innocently accepts an offer to have new photos taken for her portfolio, the experience quickly turns into a nightmare of rape, torture and kidnapping. Meanwhile, Joe discovers that the bookstore where he works is a front for an extortion ring, and the town’s intolerant men make his life miserable. Las chicas eran terribles. The book is about a ‘white Negro’ who acts out an act of revenge against a small Southern town, in repayment for the death of his brother, who was lynched iaris an all white mob.

A man had strangled his mistress, and left an open copy of the book on the bedside table with the following passage circled and underlined: Crachrr un crafher directo a la cara.

Learn more More Like This. Much of the story, including Lee’s various seductions, seem very implausible, but there’s a confident air to the whole presentation that prevents it from seeming entirely ridiculous.

Va a fondo, in ogni senso, Boris Vian era stato traduttore di Chandler.

Vian allows the book to a come to a desperate, rushed end, which somewhat diminishes its power and effect, but the conclusion was, of course, inevitable.

I Crcher on Your Graves – India.

After the court case, his reputation was considered somewhat unsavoury, and it wasn’t until after his death that his books started to creep back into print. J’irai cracher sur vos tombes – France.


I Spit on Your Graves

Edit Storyline In the American south, light-skinned Afro-American Joe Grant leaves Memphis and moves to a small town after his year-old brother Sonny is brutally lynched for attempting to marry a white woman.

Use the HTML below. It is meant to be read ironically at some level at least, it is widely claimed that that’s the correct interpretationbut to me it came across more as sadistic pornography. Sex is — far more than revenge, or his brother, crachre injustice — almost all he thinks about.

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After five years, she is still planning her retaliation, but her friend and her are again raped by four men. Soon, many of the heirs are murdered by a strange killer under the instructions of a witch who knows the secret of the Hiltons.

Boris Vian: still spitting from beyond the grave

He wrote the book in French, but claimed it was a translation of an American thriller written by a hitherto unknown black author; the book, Vian said, couldn’t be published in the US because the story involved vin black hero who seduces and finally kills two white women in a particularly horrible way.

A woman is brutally raped by four men, and she seeks vengeance. Refresh and try again. I was not put off by the bizarre scenes in Roth or Pynchon or even Sade. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat