Xenyx – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: dance with the manufacturer’s instructions. . In purchasing our XENYX // / The interface of BEHRINGER mixing consoles is optimized for. Behringer Xenyx Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Behringer Xenyx User Manual.

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The knobs do break off easily though and the unit as a whole can get worn down quickly if you use it a lot. Every thing is labelled very clearly and it zenyx confuse even the beginner okay well maybe not the absolute beginner, if you are going to be a pain about it.

I didn’t want a refund, I wanted the sound equipment! I’m not the type to drop my gear, xenyc if it happens I would feel more secure if the sides were also some sort of metal. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Big weakest point is not rackable but for the price it’s hard to find better than this table.

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BTW, my ears have heard all great things about Behringer products. It saves space, money and time. It has been around for a while and Behringer is still selling it for about the same price that it came out for. Really for its size it is plenty handy, I just want to warn those who think ‘Oh I can plug 8 mics into it’ It is simple to use, plug n play with no real learning curve needed.

The unit only measures 1. I recently had a recording gig where power was limited, it was outdoors and all I needed was two tracks. This mixer has all of the options needed to record with if it had better preamps I think it would be perfect. I have used it for a handful of small gigs including a DJ gig with powered speakers. More, it aged well, I have no worries.


Log in Become a member. Say the built in EQ isn’t enough for you, good thing you’ve got your aux out and stereo return.

What I like least about the was that it has plastic sides. The british EQs indeed sound like they’ve come straight off of a big british console, but like I said, it would be nice to have some frequency control.

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Yes, but after some homework I settled on the Xenyz mixer by Behringer. I didn’t try other models when looking at the Diodes really very Flash This required me to call my bank and change my home address to the Ramada Inn in New Orleans so the Musician’s Friend verification process would work, which is always required by them before shipping.

Not the biggest deal but it is kind of a disappointment when you get a unit without colour coded knobs you want to be able to quickly glance at your board if changes need cenyx be made. You get the freedom of being able to connect something like bshringer guitar or a keyboard into your primary channels. Although it doesn’t have sliding faders, the knob faders are easy enough to understand.

I’ve even seen people use it with their TV, surround sound and game systems! Did you find this review helpful? It would be a nice everyday carry mixer yes I have all the paperwork to legally carry a concealed mixer in my province. In behringeer if anyone wants to send me one, I’ll take a second! Return your beautifully EQ’d signal in stereo, then watch how easy it fits into your mix.

I personally use it for headphone mixes almost every time I’m at the studio. As for over all sound of the unit, it does sound nice and the price makes it sound even better. If you are looking to do some worthwhile recordings though you may want to pass on it. It suits me fine for now. I’ve been close to being maxed out before some clients are satisfied with their levels but then again with some nice over the ear headphones they should be fine.


If that doesn’t convince you of it’s value I don’t know what will.

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But for some reason it just would not hold up for me. A nice added bonus is that the has blue coloured EQ knobs. They screwed me up twice! It does have a preamp with phantom power but it is not very good. You can’t blame Behringer for wanting to put a few different models together in one manual. Keep in mind this mixer isn’t going to give sound to your computer unless you have the cables and an input on your computer. The EQ is pretty good for it too be at this price.

But for smaller at home stuff it does work great. Now if you are using this as a headphone mixer for a musician like I am I’ll have to warn you, this unit’s headphone mix doesn’t come out super hot.

Used in monitoring pdt 2 years in my home studio, yesterday became a Stereo track mono connectors SOUNDS Sound fairly neutral, while some of the same breath