Distribution & Habitat: Anthurium andreanum is a spectacular South American perennial epiphytic plant, which produces dark green, glossy leaves about 23cm . Anthurium Andreanum. Anthurium cm (high). Put in a little and get back a lot! Light: Medium: Soil can dry out moderately between watering. Watering. Anthurium, flamingo flowers are evergreen plants and adorn every room with Anthurium andreanum . With good care, the anthurium will grow and flourish.

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They thrive in moist soils with high organic matter.

These lesions can rapidly expand to affect the entire root system. The plant shows a lack of water with shedding of the blossoms. Therefore, she also does not like direct sunlight in the house, however, she prefers the light. Requirement is the pollination of the blossom. When one or both components occur, she will visibly suffer and possibly waste away.

Mexico and Middle America. Antgurium andreanum can make spectacular houseplants, as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight and their soil is kept constantly moist. Growing Habit Climber Ground cover. It is necessary to find a place which is semi-shade.

Because of the warmth they receive in the rain forest, Anthurium andreanum need to be kept in an area that stays between 15 to 30 o C o F. Either you should carefully use home remedies, such as soap solution or the plants will get a shower, in which they will be held upside down.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As an evergreen, persevering plant, she is an asset for every room — especially if she develops her beautiful spathaceous bracts. The flamingo flower must not have waterlogging. Keep the potting soil moist at all times, but need to dry out a little between sessions. Rodriguesia 56 88 Afterwards put the cutting in a glass with flat water or rainwater.

Anthurium andraeanum – Wikipedia

For a full list, see the List of Anthurium species. Its most characteristic feature as an ornamental is its brightly colored spathe leaf, and the protruding inflorescence called the spadix. The few, thin andreanuk can only save a little moisture, creating the reason why a harmonic ratio anyhurium high humidity and watering is ideal. Open the little berries and take out the seeds.

The substrate needs to be completely renewed to remove any remaining chalk. This plant is originally from wet tropical mountain forests of Central and South America, so it does best in warm, wet climates.

Lesions are first translucent, yellowish and water-soaked.

Now, it can take a couple of weeks until the first roots develop. Additionally, the sap of the plant causes an occasional allergic xnthurium, so take care when handling the plant.

Plant does not bloom: Therefore, she should be watered once or twice a week. This tropical plant enjoys a harmonic climate. They include forms such as A. Belonging to the araceae, she is part of a species-rich family. With its thick green leaves and the beautiful red spathaceous bracts, she emphasizes the features in your home or at the office.


In there were species known to science, and Heinrich Wilhelm Schott defined them in 28 sections in the book Prodromus Systematis Aroidearum.

Like other aroidsmany species of Anthurium can be grown as houseplantsor outdoors in mild climates in shady spots. Also, small balls of Styrofoam ensure that the soil stays permeable for air and water. Everybody knows the bright red leaves of the flamingo flower.

Common garden pests that can be found on flamingo flower plants are aphids, scales, mealybugs, thrips and gnats. Maintain higher light intensity as long as leaves do not develop symptoms mentioned in excess of light.

Keep them out of direct sunlight while they are in water. Water less and consider repotting the plant.

Anthurium plant care, tailflower, flamingo flower and laceleaf

During winter the surface of the substrate may dry out from time to time. When plants roots are examined they reveals their rotted condition. Tap water can lead to a permanent calcification of the soil. Retrieved from ” https: