Transliteration and Literal Translation of Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s Anant Akhado. Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s Anant Akhado has been transliterated and translated by. The granth ‘Anant Akhado’ consists of and was composed by Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a), the son of Pir Sadardin (r.a.). The great Pir Hasan Kabirdin was an . Anant Akhado and Anant Naa Nav Chhuga Resources on Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most.

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Towards the Inner Vision of the Truth:: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Calendar is very easy to use, the only data that you have anaht enter is the date that you would like to start your day project.

Therefore, we will discuss these questions before moving to the other four windows indicated by the Pir.

Anant Akhado

Those who would like to enhance their understanding must study these verses. He is both our Pir and Imam. At this time, every momin has an obligation and responsibility to worship Allah through a prescribed prayer. It clearly indicates that the evening time of prayer is a window of religion that has been opened for us so that we can find a way to reach our Lord.

In similar view Pir is indicating that if you want to see the hand of your Lord; just as Prophet s. The lit candle represents the Light of Imamat.

February 14, by gulshanmerchant. Being aware of His presence means to live and move in the being of Allah and the Imam of the time, which makes us extremely aware of good and bad things in the world and to live according to the ethics and practice of our religion. The motivation for this day project for recitation of Anant Akhado and 9 days for reciting the Anant Naa Nav Chhuga projects is the following hadith of the Holy Prophet: Imam Mustansir bi’l-laah II’s a.


For recital purposes, the 28 verses are divided into 7 parts.

Here Pir is encouraging the jamat to enhance such love every night, because as a result of such act we will reach to the door of paradise. Thus, with breathing of Divine Spirit an eternal spiritual bond was created by the command of Allah between the Adam and Himself. Aashaji beeji ve r a ehija a,hado, raat ga d i chha gai ja n oji.

Peace, light, barakat, tayid and a batini-noorani Didar, Noorallah Juma noor-allah salmanspiritual. Ananh Spiritual Nazrana is in the form of a pure spiritual heart which is in a state of constant dhikr.

Motivational Gems for Higher Spiritual Enlightenment.

In Islamic practice it is called Salat-al-isha that is, between salat -al-magrib and midnight. For recital purposes, the 80 verses are anatn into 8 parts and augmented with 5 verses of Sandya vela. Each part contains verses to be recited for the particular day. The allocated recital time is 6 minutes so these verses can be recited after the upstanding tasbi in the evening Jamat Khana services.

Anant Akhado MP3 files :: Shafiq Rawji

This time has been given to you in the form of a window of religion to worship. Fill in your details below or click an icon anqnt log in: Aashaji sandhya ve r a tame mat koi chuko, e-chhe gur ni endha n iji. Presently, the Imam is not living in the midst of the Jamat and He only visits once in a few years.


For recital purposes, the 90 verses are divided into 9 parts. This is the most important window because it takes us to the level of Marifat-to be one with Allahwhich is the prime purpose of our life. He bringeth them out of darkness into light. These verses, if taken literary, show simple way of following the five windows to achieve the above goal. Aashaji Pa n chmi baari Dasondni kahie, te sahuthi moti ja n oji. If yes, I can take the prayers in the presence of Allah and get them accepted.

Why is it enjoined upon human beings? If you remain regular and akhaddo in performing the practice of Dasond ; then you will stay with your gurnar in both worlds this one and the next one that is the spiritual world. The next window is the third one that takes us closer to our Lord as Pir says: Thus, the origin of prayers lies in the relationship between Allah as the creator and the human being as creation and the slave of Allah.

Anant Akhado – Full Translation | – Heritage F.I.E.L.D.

Towards the Inner Vision of the Truth:: These works are a joint effort of Ismaili. The answers to these questions can be found in many verses of Anant Akhado Ginan.

You are commenting kahado your Facebook account. Juma’s transliteration has diacritical marks to ensure proper pronunciation of words.