From the title of the book itself, Ambeth R. Ocampo’s Rizal Without the Overcoat ( ) uncovers the other side of the nationalistic icon, Dr. Jose. Ambeth Ocampo describes Jose Rizal as a “conscious hero” because Rizal planned his entire life in details based on his letters, diaries, and. Rizal without the Overcoat. with Dr. Ambeth Ocampo. 29 August | PM Ayala Museum Ground Floor Lobby. Rizal without the Overcoat.

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Great book, it gave me insight on the mundane details of Rizal’s life. Google Books — Loading But here’s hoping that the dream he had for the country will soon be realized.

In short, we studied America. Its a really interesting read, especially because the articles are short and written in a manner that a simple Filipino could read. Open Preview See a Problem? Moreover, I wish to show those who deny us patriotism that we know how to die for our duty and for our convictions.

But then I sa Ambeeth reading Rizal: Of course, things changed when I went to high school and learned more substantial information about him. Nov 17, Ann Louise De Leon rated it it was amazing. Jan 02, RE de Leon rated it liked it Shelves: Even though he graduated with sobresaliente excellent marks in Ateneo De Manila University, eighth of his other classmates out of the 12 students graduated sobresaliente as well Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He also also uses the same technique with his writings. How do you review a book on history? Overcoat contains a wide range of subject on the national hero; from the everyday stuff like icampo he ate for breakfast, what he read, his prescription for kulam, to the controversial subject on Rizal vs. Absolutely rated it it was ok Shelves: There was no existing manuscript of the original poem, and Rizal never published it when he was alive.

However, being a compilation of previously-released articles, some of which I have already read or knew from my previous Rizal courses in school, I thought that the book would have been more tizal if Ocampo just wrote a Rizal biography using these articles.


Published by Anvil Publishing, Inc. I just had two classes everyday and had loads of free time. He mentions that they win medals, but fails to mention that there were numerous gold and silver medals awarded that day.

That it was a compilation of previously written articles proved to be both its salvation and undoing. What was I thinking when I read it? Rizal Without the Overcoat.

Wells, and a watered down version of Moby Dick. Jose Rizal is the definitive embodiment of the modern Filipino.

Rizal Without the Overcoat

The Philippine educational system almost did purge my love for Rizal and his works. I brought this attitude here in our university and was quickly humbled by men and women that maintained their calm and adhered to logic, not sudden whims and misguided passion. It is worth emphasizing that unlike the designation of the Narra as the National tree, or the Mango as the National fruit, ejusdem generis, there is no law design “Jose Rizal Mercado y Alonso is the Philippine national hero because an American governor gave him that recognition.

Without The Overcoat helped me discover that I may still have a little love left for the material after all.

I’m going to catch up on my reading list, I’ve fallen way behind schedule. How could the youth know more of Rizal when we only get a piece of him in Noli and Fili and what the history books imply? I guess it can be attributed to an event in my life that has allowed me to see him for the human being that he is.

Guerrero’s book The First Filipino The title is not a mere designation. More importantly, books were a luxury then compared to today. Heroes are immortalized for the good deeds that they have done. Surprised by Pacquiaos’ face attached to Adolf Hitlers’ body, I became anxious on reading the book.

I used to be a brash and outspoken young man always quick to make assumptions and always fiery with passion for what I deemed was right; even when all I had was a premature conclusion.

Is the overcoat not a part of who Rizal truly is? Is he too not defined by the knowledge, motivations, social stimuli he encountered wearing that overcoat? View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Back then, I remember believing that Rizal is the rightful National hero but I never idolized him or placed him in an unreachable pedestal. I remember walking around the mall with no idea of what I was to do, like Rizal walking aimlessly around Madrid to trick his landlady into thinking that he went out for lunch. You take a step back and remember that this is the man who influenced the course of our history and helped solidify our sense of nationhood.

But then I saw this book, and started reading page 1. I already liked him when I was reading the prologue. It was refreshing to know the minute details and the events that happened during the course of his life and the other aspects that included it from his career,academics,even to his kinky side and the impact that he has generated in the country and around the world.

Flipping Through On Rizal Without the Overcoat by Ambeth Ocampo

The book is a must-read for students, that instead of the usual memorization and academic approach in teaching, they can read Mr. Also, for me, he seemed to be an arrogant person especially when I got reminded, via some writings in this book, of his debate regarding Rizal sketches that Mr. Like you and me, he is a human being that achieved what he did, not because he is special or was destined by some great prophecy, but because he worked for it.

We were forced to read this book for our book review in “Buhay, Gawin at Sinulat ni Rizal” subject during college. That started my fascination with Rizal. D I was not even halfway done when I realized I’ve read too much. Rizal was a great man, but we rjzal all be great. Become a LibraryThing Author.