QuadraSynth Plus – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QuadraSynth Plus manual: Amp / ALFO / AENV. Alesis Quadrasynth s4 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Filter Lfo Mod Wheel will add more tremolo. Chapter 6 pitch go to maximum immediately on hitting the key if the Delay is also set Checking Software Version Refer All Servicing to Alesis We believe that the QuadraSynth is one of the most reliable keyboards that can be made using current technology, and should provide years of trouble-free use. Additionally, there are Mixes in each of the 5 Banks.

Alesis QuadraSynth Plus User Manual

Greater diffusion works better with percussive sounds, whereas less amounts of diffusion work well with vocals and other sustained sounds. Delay effect before going to the single stereo Reverb effect. Page Soft setting, if the signal feeding the Overdrive effect is below the Overdrive Threshold setting see below. Connections Page 29 – Example 1: Chapter 6 Wheel is moved up, and lowers manyal level when moved down.

Sustain Decay 00 to Program name can be up to 10 characters long. See Chapter 9 for more information on external storage operations. The Program is now stored. Page 77 When set to Reset-Freerun, the envelope will start at the beginning whenever a new note is played and will complete its manuall cycle, even if the note is released in the middle.


This is the normal setting for organ-type sounds. Page 66 The higher the number either positive or negativethe greater the effect for a given amount of aftertouch. Adding a little positive velocity control over the filter can simulate more realistic acoustic sounds.

The QuadraSynth was introduced in by Alesisand it was their first major synthesizer. Chapter 5 AUX audio outputs. System Common Messages QuadraSynth Plus will be called up, even if the composer of the sequence used a different sound device.

Depending on the amount of RAM a particular card has, up to 8 complete banks can be stored onto it. You might think of these as the typical post-fader sends found on a mixing console.

This is because most often you will want to transmit a Program to the same Program location. The Alesis Quadrasynth is a key, note polyphonic [2] PCM sample-based digital subtractive synthesizer first introduced in June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Take a note of the number. Finally, the waveform shape of the LFO can be changed from a smooth triangle to a more abrupt squarewave to quaerasynth the pitch detuning more pronounced. It provides bass and treble boost, and affects the entire Main Output not just the Effects Sends. Tape a note to the top of the unit describing the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you if necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned.

Chapter 6 feed the sound to one of the effect buses for processing. The Delay Input parameter is only available when editing a effects bus which has the Delay effect ahead of the Pitch effect in the selected Configuration Example: It is possible for different Mixes to share the same Effects Patch.


Chapter 6 Velocity relates to how fast mamual key goes quarrasynth the key up Effect The function allows you to change the name of the. Pitch The higher the number either positive or negativethe greater the amount of pitch change for a given amount of aftertouch. Chapter 3 Example 1: Page 12 Setting Up: Chapter 4 shows the Volume, Pan and Output of a single sound. There are many different ways to program a Mix.

Refer All Servicing to Alesis Program in the Mix.

Alesis QuadraSynth Plus User Manual – Page 1 of |

Pitch Envelope Setting the Attack to 0 will make the pitch go to maximum immediately on hitting the key if the Delay is also set to 0 in PENV Page see below ; a setting of 99 will result in a much slower attack, taking many seconds before the envelope gets to maximum. Archived from the original on Page However, this does not effect the manuall time, but only the decay, sustain, sustain decay and release segments.

All notes from the bottom of the keyboard to the However, moving the Mod Wheel while the Quantize parameter was on would cause the pitch aesis a held note to rise in half-step increments. Leading zeroes must be entered for Mixes 0 — 9.